The minutes are out early this week. No surprises.

Once again Council has decided to play public health expert and disagree with the district public health experts. The last time was when they rejected the recommendation to keep fluoridating the water. Council’s medical related decisions decisions it seems are largely based on political considerations. They respond to folks who complain and who might hold a grudge come next election.

1.1 Additions to Agenda/Notice of Motion
1.1.1 – 
Councillor McCann provided notice that he would be making a motion to postpone the resolution under item 9.5.2 and would be offering his reasons when the item comes up on the agenda.

Disclosure of Pecuniary Interest and the General Nature Thereof
1.4.1 –
Councillor Backman Declared Pecuniary Interest on item 9.5.1 regarding oversight of Northern OPP detachments. Councillor Backman left the meeting for the item, did not participate in discussion, nor vote on the item.

Questions of Staff
3.2.1 –
In response to Councillor McCann’s inquiry regarding money made available by the province for municipalities to apply to additional disinfecting costs related to public transit; Director of Finance Stephanie Phillips reported that $2,855 was being allocated for the Town and she would contact Community Support Services (CSS) as Councillor McCann suggested to determine if they met the criteria for receipt of the money and would thenceforth bring this information back to Council under a resolution to allocate the money for CSS.

3.2.2 – In response to Councillor McCann’s inquiry regarding parking to the left of Salt Dock boat launch, Director of Development & Protective Services Dave Thompson reported that there is indeed illegal parking occurring on this old road-bed, and by-law enforcement staff are working on strategies to deter parking in this area and redirect it to other parking areas either above the Fitness Trail entrance or on the Salt Dock,

3.2.3 – In response to Councillor Keith’s inquiry regarding the appropriate time to put out garbage for pick-up, Director of Public Works Mike Kearns reported that garbage should be put out between 6:00 and 7:00 A.M. (later then 7:00 A.M. permitted in the downtown area) on the day of collection, and no earlier. If garbage is put out earlier than that, it must be in a secure container to prevent animals from getting into it. Staff have recently completed a new infographic to explain curbside pick-up.
With respect to recycling, Mr. Kearns reported that there are two recycling streams: fiber and containers (glass, cans, plastic), and that although not preferred, recycling can be put in clear plastic or coloured translucent bags; the most important issue being that it is readily observable to the collection staff that the items are recyclable and not garbage to avoid cross contamination of recyclables.

3.2.4 – In response to Councillor Backman’s inquiry regarding railway company funding available for rail safety, Mr. Kearns reported that the funding available is for grade crossing safety improvements typically viewed by rail companies as increasing rail safety, not road safety at the crossings. This has resulted in companies looking at actually removing road crossings. Mr. Kearns concluded by noting that the Town continues to work with the rail companies on rail safety.

4.1 – Diane Gould-Brown, City Clerk, City of Sarnia
Resolution of recommended improvements to Long Term Care Homes.
See item 9.5.2 on the agenda.

4.2 – Maryann Weaver, Clerk, Township of the Archipelago.
Resolution of recommended actions to improve rural internet connectivity.

4.3 – Lori West, Municipality of McDougall
DSSABs not the best solution for oversight of Northern OPP Detachments.
See item 9.5.1 on the agenda
4.4. Maryann Weaver, Clerk, Township of the Archipelago.
DSSABs not the best solution for oversight of Northern OPP Detachments.
See item 9.5.1 on the agenda.

4.5 – Dr. Wil Smith, President of Medical Staff, WPSHC.
Support for making mandatory the wearing of masks.

4.6 – Donald Sanderson, Chief Executive Officer.
Support for making mandatory the wearing of masks.

4.7 – Ken & Gail McEwen.
Support for making mandatory the wearing of masks

4.8 – Joanne Demick, Executive Director, Parry Sound Community Living.
Copy of letter to MPP Norm Miller re: Support for making mandatory the wearing of masks.

Correspondence 4.5 to 4.8 – see item 9.2.1 on the agenda.

4.9 – John Jackson, Planner.
Comments regarding proposed Best Western hotel site plan approval and related development charges per item 10.1.2 and 10.1.3 on agenda.

5.1 –
John Jackson addressed Council in addition to the e-mail correspondence he sent (Item 4.9) with respect to the proposed Best Western hotel site plan and related development charges. Mr. Jackson expressed support for the Town’s planning staff report recommending site plan approval. Regarding a cost issue that has emerged with respect to sanitary collection and the Town’s request for $75,000, Mr. Jackson responded that the project proponents are countering with $50,000. Mr. Jackson suggested that the problem is a matter of peak flows mostly in the spring because of older infrastructure, and that the proposed development increases the flow by an equivalent of 15 homes, which Mr. Jackson suggested was not significant.

Resolutions and Direction to Staff

9.2.1 – Request NBPSDHU Issue Recommendation vis-à-vis Wearing Masks.
WHEREAS COVID-19 and the risk of spreading the virus is still present in our community;
WHEREAS we rely on public health professionals for recommendations on ways to prevent the spread of the virus;
WHEREAS Public Health Units have the authority to impose restrictions;
WHEREAS some Public Health Units in Ontario such as Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph have issued an Order requiring individuals entering commercial establishments and public spaces, noting appropriate exceptions, to wear a mask or face covering.
NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the North Bay/Parry Sound District Health Unit be requested to provide their recommendation with respect to issuing an Order to require individuals entering commercial establishments to wear a mask or face covering, noting appropriate exceptions within the area served by the Health Unit;
AND THAT this Resolution be forwarded to all municipalities in West Parry Sound and MPP Norm Miller.
(The following motion to amend the resolution was made)
That the phrase: “That the Town of Parry Sound recommends that the North Bay/Parry Sound District Health Unit issue an Order requiring” replace the phrase: “That the North Bay/Parry Sound District Health Unit be requested to provide their recommendation with respect to issuing an Order to require
Amendment carried
Carried as amended
A friendly amendment to the amended resolution was made to include circulation of the resolution to the Premier of Ontario and the Minister of Health.
(The following Direction was proposed)
Direction for staff follow-up
That the Town requests a positive response to this resolution by July 10th, or that by July 13th a by-law will be drafted to make the wearing of mask mandatory in the Town of Parry Sound.

9.2.2 – 2019 Integrity Commissioner Report.
That Council receive the 2019 Integrity Commissioner Report as attached.

9.2.3 – West Parry Sound Area Recreation and Culture Centre Update (formerly Wellness Centre & Pool).
That the report attached as Schedule A and confidential attachment regarding an update on the West Parry Sound Area Recreation and Culture Centre and the ICIP grant application be received for information purposes.

9.3.1 – Reserve and Reserve Fund Annual Report; 2019 Surplus allocation.
That Council receives the 2019 Reserve and Reserve Fund Annual Report attached as Schedule A, in compliance with the Town’s Reserve and Reserve Fund Policy; and
Further that Council hereby approves the allocation of the surplus in Schedule B.

9.5.1 – OPP Detachment Boards.
WHEREAS Council for the Corporation of the Town of Parry Sound received resolutions from the Municipality of McDougall and the Township of the Archipelago regarding oversight boards for OPP Detachments, and
WHEREAS correspondence dated May 14, 2020 from The Federation of Northern Ontario Municipalities (FONOM) regarding issues discussed at their May 13th, 2020 virtual meeting brought attention to the Association of Municipalities of Ontario’s (AMO’s) Discussion Paper “New Ontario Provincial Police Detachment Boards: Building a Framework for Better Policing Governance”;
AND WHEREAS AMO’s discussion paper proposes that Northern Ontario District Social Services Administration Boards (DSSAB) replace the current OPP Detachment Boards;
AND WHEREAS the FONOM Board has identified several issues with DSSAB Boards replacing the current Detachment Boards, and recognizes that Community Policing is distinctive to each Municipality;
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Council for the Corporation of the Town of Parry Sound is in agreement with the opinion of FONOM, and supports the resolutions of the Municipality of McDougall and the Township of the Archipelago, that the current DSSABs would not be the best solution for overseeing the Northern OPP Detachments;
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT a copy of this resolution be sent to FONOM and its member municipalities, AMO, the Honourable Sylvia Jones, Solicitor General, and Norm Miller, MPP for Parry Sound-Muskoka.

9.5.2 – Increased Funding Request to support more Full-time Staff for Long Term Care.
WHEREAS the Corporation of the City of Sarnia has requested support from all Ontario municipalities for a resolution adopted by its Council on June 22, 2020 that urges Premier Ford to increase hours for all part-time and casual labour in Long-Term Care facilities and to increase inspections of private Long-Term Care facilities in order to end the neglect and unacceptable conditions being experienced in Long-Term Care facilities by vulnerable seniors;
AND Whereas the Town of Parry Sound Council deems it appropriate to support the spirit of the resolution while redirecting the motion due to the following issues:
– the precarious employment often experienced by part-time and casual workers resulting in diminished availability of such workers when better employment opportunities open up, in turn resulting in diminished continuity of care to individual residents;
– neglect and unacceptable conditions in Long-Term Care facilities are deemed to be the result of lack of labour;
– the existing strong regulations in Long-Term Care service should be sufficient for proper enforcement of the Long-Term Care Act;
Now Therefore be it resolved that the Corporation of the Town of Parry Sound Council requests that the Province increase funding to Long-Term Care facilities specifically to hire sufficient full-time, skilled labour to meet and exceed the provincial standards of care, as dictated by the Ministry of Long Term Care;
AND FURTHER that this resolution be sent to the Honourable Merrilee Fullerton, Minister of Long-Term Care, The Honourable Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario, Mr. Norm Miller, MPP, Parry Sound – Muskoka, the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) and the City of Sarnia City Clerk’s Office.
The following motion to postpone was made.
That the motion be postponed until the September 1st Council meeting for more formal support from Belvedere Board, and perhaps other municipalities.
Carried to Postpone

10.1.1 – Fleck Street Service Manager Housing Facility Agreement – Amendment.

By-law 2020 – 7052
Being a By-law to Amend a Service Manager Housing Facility Agreement with the District of Parry Sound Social Services Administration Board, and Karasmanis (2757896 Ontario Ltd.).
Passed, Signed & Sealed

10.1.2 – Development Charges Deferral Agreement – Maruti Parry Sound lnc.
By-Law 2020 – 7055
Being a By-law to authorize a Development Charges Deferral Agreement with Maruti Parry Sound lnc. (Best Western).
Read a First, Second & Third Time
(The following amendments were proposed)
That the Development Charges be reduced to $50,000 from $75,000
Amendment Carried
That the pay back period of the $50,000 Development Charges be 2 years from date of occupancy.
Amendment Carried
The by-law as amended was Passed, Signed and Sealed
Mayor McGarvey reported that legislation regarding development charges (DCs) and community benefit charges would likely be finalized soon, and that the Town should then proceed with its budgeted DC study that had been postponed until the legislation was finalized. Council members expressed agreement to this.

10.1.3 – Site Plan Application S19/08 – Pine Drive (Maruti Parry Sound lnc.).
By-Law 2020 – 7053
Being a By-law to authorize a Site Plan Agreement S19/08 with Maruti Parry Sound lnc./Best Western (Pine Drive).
Passed, Signed & Sealed

10.1.4 – Rezoning Application – Z/20/03 – Best Western Plus (Pine Drive) – Lifting of “h” Symbol.
By-Law 2020 – 7054
Being a By-law to amend By-law No. 2004-4653 (The Zoning By-law) as amended to remove a holding provision (Maruti Parry Sound Inc./Best Western Plus, Pine Drive).
Passed, Signed & Sealed