This is a mini-rant of sorts about people, mostly south of the border but also locals, complaining abut mask requirements in local enclosed places.

I don’t get it. The folks who object to the mask requirement claim issues of personal choice and in the case of our southern neighbours – ‘constitutional rights’. But there have been signs around for decades that restrict choices: No shoes, no shirt – no service. I have yet to be made aware of people complaining about that rule. And in some upscale establishments there is no entry without men wearing a jacket. Some golf courses also have regulations on the types of clothes that can be worn, for example no cut-off shorts. Again no real complaints. You understand the rules and choose to comply or not enter.

And there are the big ones:
No smoking. Smokers grumbled, while non-smokers breathed a sigh of relief.
Seat belts. Some people may not like it but they understand the consequences.

I’m happy to make people comfortable by wearing a mask when I enter a public setting. I understand the benefit of masks, even if they are limited.

Masks also provide a social clue. Things are not back to normal and we all need to be alert to limiting the spread of COVID-19 in any way that we can. Every little bit helps.

To those of you who are complaining about mask requirements – stop bitching. If you don’t want to wear a mask, stay home and get someone else to do your shopping. But remember to wear a shirt and shoes in addition to a mask if you want service.