There were no surprises at this past week’s Town of Parry Sound council meeting. The resolutions and by-laws are summarized below.

Closed Session
c) a proposed or pending acquisition or disposition of land by the municipality or local board, (Boundary negotiations);
e) litigation or potential litigation, including matters before administrative tribunals, affecting the municipality or local board, (Contractor work on Town property);
f) advice that is subject to solicitor-client privilege, including communications necessary for that purpose, (Contractor work on Town property)
k) a position, plan, procedure, criteria, or instruction to be applied to any negotiations carried on or to be carried on by or on behalf of the municipality or local board, (Boundary negotiations, Wellness Centre & Pool cost sharing and site selection)

Questions of Staff
3.2.1 –
In response to Councillor Keith’s inquiry as to the installation status of the handrail at the hill just below the rail crossing on Cascade Street, Director of Public Works Mike Kearns reported that indeed a railing was to be installed as part of the work on Cascade Street; staff is investigating to have the railing re-installed in a manner that supports pedestrian safety and will remain there during winter operations.

4.1 – Nathan Cato, Canadian Pacific.

CP 2020 Virtual Holiday Train.

4.2 – Danny Whalen, President, Federation of Northern Ontario Municipalities.
Media Release of support for satellite internet access.
Broadband Draft Resolution re Starlight satellite internet access.

4.3 – Graydon Smith, President, AMO.
Receipt of Feedback on AMO OPP Detachment Board Discussion Paper.

4.4 – Honourable Lisa Smith, Ministry of Government & Consumer Services.
Delegation at AMO Conference re: MNRF 7 Bay Street property disposition and subsequent retention of MNRF jobs in area.

4.5 – Downtown Business Association Beautification Committee.
Appreciation for Town Gardens 2020.

4.6 – Town of Amherstburg.
Request for deadline extension for AODA website compliance.

4.7 – Sean Finn, CN.
CN’s 100 Anniversary Celebrations and library donation.

All items of correspondence were filed.

Resolutions and Direction to Staff
9.1.1 – Building Security Access Control System (FOBs).
That Council accept the quote from Safe N Sound Locksmithing for the installation of security access controls (Fob system) for the Municipal Office in the amount of $18,290.00.

9.1.2 – Tender – Snow Removal.

That Council accept the tender from Adams Brothers for snow removal on town streets during the 2020 fall & winter season and 2021 winter & spring season, including traffic control and labour costs to clear around infrastructure including tree pits and hydrants, as follows:
– Tandem dump truck: $95.99 per hour o Wheeled loader: $111.81 per hour.
– Blower and control unit: $111.81 per hour.
This tender being the only one received.

9.1.3 – Bobby Orr Community Centre – Reopening Informational Report.

That Council of the Corporation of the Town of Parry Sound receive the report attached as Schedule A on the reopening of the Bobby Orr Community Centre, for informational purposes.

9.2.1 – EMS Committee Member Appointment.

That the Town of Parry Sound Council appoint Councillor Irene Smit representing the municipalities of Nipissing, Powassan and Callander to the Parry Sound EMS Advisory Committee for the remainder of the term of Council.

9.2.2 – BSM Breakwater and Dock C Replacement.

That the Town of Parry Sound accept the bid by Kropf Industrial in the amount of $1,598,718 plus HST for the construction and delivery of a Floating Breakwater and replacement of Dock C per their tender submission; and
That a previously approved budget amount of $1,293,240 from the Big Sound Marina Reserve be used to fund this project; and
That an additional budget of $400,000 towards Dock C, contingency, HST, engineering and other provisional items be approved to be funded temporarily form the Capital Asset Legacy Reserve Fund; and
That the funds temporarily borrowed from the Capital Asset Legacy Reserve Fund be repaid over a 4-year term with interest, equivalent to the Town’s current interest on reserve fund bank accounts over the term, applied to the outstanding amount borrowed; and
That the repayment of the temporary borrowing begin in the 2021 budget year; and
That the total revised budget for this project be $1,693,240 including the Breakwater, provisional items, Dock C, contingency, and engineering costs.

9.2.3 – COVID 19 Impacts on Fall events.

That Council receive the attached report on COVID Impacts on Fall Events for information purposes.

9.3.1 – Extension of Virtual Council Meetings.
Whereas the COVID-19 Economic Recovery Act, 2020, S.O. 2020, c. 18 expanded the opportunity for Municipal Councils, Local Boards and their Committees to meet electronically, and
Whereas in response, Council passed By-law 2020 – 7061 permitting by means of a resolution, certain expanded terms of electronic participation at meetings of Council, Local Boards and its Committees; and
Whereas pursuant to By-law 2020-7061, Council extended by Resolution 2020-082 until October 31st expanded terms of electronic participation at meetings; and
Whereas recent provincial reports identify a current “second wave” of COVID-19 infections “worse than the first”, prompting a return to more stringent public health precautionary measures,
Now Therefore Be It Resolved that Council of the Corporation of the Town of Parry Sound extends until March 31, 2021 the terms of electronic participation at meetings of Council, Local Boards or Committees of either them per the following:
a) electronic participation counts towards quorum;
b) electronic participants are permitted to vote; and
c) electronic participation is permitted in a meeting closed to the public.

9.3.2 – COVID-19 Municipal Office Response Plan.
That Council approves continued implementation of the internal safety protocol set out in the plans attached as Schedules A and B, and continued restriction on public access to the municipal office and Fire Hall until the end of the year 2020, at which time it will be reassessed.

9.3.3 – Key Performance Objectives in Support of the Strategic Plan.

That Council approve the Key Performance Objectives (KPOs) as set out in Schedule A.

9.3.4 – EDO for the West Parry Sound Economic Development Collaborative (CINNO Funding Program), 3 Year Employment Contract.
That on behalf of the Regional Economic Development Collaborative, Council authorizes staff to enter into a 3-year fixed contract for a Regional Economic Development Officer provided that each member municipality agrees to cover their proportionate share of all employment related costs in the form, substantially as set out in this report.

9.5.1 – AODA Website Compliance Extension Request.
Whereas the Town of Amherstburg passed Resolution 20200914-214 per attached Schedule A;
Now therefore be it resolved that the Town of Parry Sound hereby requests that the Province of Ontario extend the compliance deadline stated in Section 14(4) of O.Reg 191/11 under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act to require designated public sector organizations to conform to WCAG 2.0 Level AA, by a minimum of one (1) year to at least January 1, 2022; and further,
That the Town of Parry Sound requests that the Province of Ontario consider providing funding support and training resources to meet these compliance standards.

10.1.1 – Technology Review – Municipal Modernization Program.

By-law 2020 – 7072
Being a bylaw to ratify the execution of a contract with Perry Group Consulting Ltd. to complete a technology review under the Municipal Modernization Program through the Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Housing.
Passed, Signed and Sealed

10.2.1 – Amend Parking and Traffic Control By-law 2019-6912 to prohibit parking on Waubeek Street.
By-law 2020 – 7075
Being a By-law to amend By-law 2019-6912 the Parking and Traffic Control By-law to prohibit parking on Waubeek Street.
Passed, Signed and Sealed

10.3.1 – Integrity Commissioner Appointment.
By-law 2020 – 7073
Being a By-law to authorize the execution of an agreement with Harold Elston for re- appointment to the Office of the Integrity Commissioner.
Passed, Signed and Sealed

10.4.1 – Community Support Accessible Transport Services and Lease Agreement.
By-Law 2020 – 7074
Being a by-law to authorize the execution of an agreement substantially in the form provided as “Appendix A” with The Board of Management for the District of Parry Sound West Home for the Aged for the provision of accessible transportation.
Passed, Signed and Sealed