The minutes for the October 15th meeting came out a little late, and there are no surprises. I will have the agenda summary for the November 2nd meeting out tomorrow.

Council Meeting Minutes (Abridged)

Closed Session
c) a proposed or pending acquisition or disposition of land for municipal or local board purposes, (potential property purchase), (potential property sale), (potential change to municipal boundary);
k) a position, plan, procedure, criteria or instruction to be applied to any negotiations carried on or to be carried on by or on behalf of the municipality or local board, (potential change to municipal boundary)

Questions of Staff
3.2.1 –
In response to Councillor Keith’s inquiry regarding the Cascade St. railing, Director of Public Works Mike Kearns reported that staff have been looking at plans of reconstruction about 10 years ago, and it was evident the railing was to have been reinstalled but was problematic for snow clearing. Staff have therefore met with a firm to look at custom installation and with the cooperation of Operations Department, this would be installed this winter.

3.2.2 – In response to Councillor Backman’s inquiry regarding work done on Parry Sound Drive, Director of Public Works Mike Kearns responded that staff were upgrading shoulders on PS Drive to prevent asphalt break-off which can occur when shoulders erode from run-off.

3.2.3 – In response to Councillor Borneman’s inquiry regarding shower availability at BOCC during COVID pandemic and return to full service, Mr. Kearns noted that costs have increased substantially due to cleaning but revenue from rentals has not increased, and the time taken to ensure cleaning between rentals eliminates the opportunity for showers. Mr. Kearns expressed the hope that information would be forthcoming soon from Public Health which might address capacity limits, cleaning protocols and other public health measures related to recreation centres.

4.1 – Trudi Weeks.

Concerns with Town licensing & closed office, road maintenance prioritization rationale.
CAO Clayton Harris reported on a response that has been drafted and will be sent to Ms. Week’s in the coming days per the following:
1. with respect to the fee and rules for licensing Backyard Hens, these were adopted after Council held a public meeting and received input from various parties. The licensing structure was adopted to encourage a serious commitment by those interested in having backyard hens and that the fee should be set to off-set costs, rather than the costs being entirely borne by all taxpayers.
2. with respect to licensing of bicycles, this is not in place; cycling is a popular tourist activity, which is encouraged. There may be more cost in administering and enforcing bicycle regulations than revenue gained.
3. with respect to Town Office closure, the office has been fully open to the public since mid-September, after a period of restricted access since the declaration of the COVID- 19 pandemic. During restricted access, all services continued to be provided including access to the office upon appointment if an in-person meeting was necessary.
4. with respect to Town road maintenance and prioritization, these decisions are based on road inspection findings and the application of the Provincial Minimum Maintenance Standards. Factors taken into consideration include safety, timing of planned capital repairs, coordinating road maintenance with other related infrastructure work, and takes into consideration adequate drainage, minimizing asphalt edge drop-off and associated breakage as well as possible pedestrian and active transportation usage.


Ratification of Matters from Closed Agenda
7.1 – Purchase of 35 Wood Street Property
By-law 2021 – 7183
Being a By-law to authorize the purchase of land known as 35 Wood Street.
Passed, Signed and Sealed.

Resolutions and Direction to Staff
9.1.1 – Fleet Replacement – Single Source for 08-080 Truck purchase.

That Council accept the quotation from Bourgeois Ford North for a 2022 F-150 XLT in the amount of $50,072.44, including taxes, delivery, and the trade-in of a 2013 F150, this being the only single source option after no tender bids were received before the deadline.

9.1.2 – Tender – Snow Plowing Town Lots.

That Council award the tender for snow plowing all ten municipal parking lots and facilities to Adams Brothers Construction, in the combined total of $974.63, including HST, per plowing event, and a combined total of $305.10, including HST, for additional walkway clearing when required, this tender being the lowest overall of two tenders received.

9.3.1 – Update – Key Performance Objectives in Support of the Strategic Plan.

That Council approve the 2021 Third Quarter progress report on the Town’s Key Performance Objectives (KPOs) as set out in Schedule A.

9.5.1 – Review of Truth & Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action for Town Implementation.
That Council hereby directs staff to review the Truth & Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action, and report back to Council by February 1, 2022 with recommendations on actionable items in response to the Calls to Action and in a spirit of advancing reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples.

10.2.1 – Amendment to the Fees & Service Charges By-law (Land Division Applications).

By-law 2021 – 7184
Being a By-law to amend the Fees & Service Charges By-law 2010-5408 to include fees for consent, subdivision/condominiums and land division applications under the Planning Act
Passed, Signed and Sealed

10.2.2 – Deeming By-law – Themer and St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church – 58 and 60a Seguin Street.
By-law 2021 – 7179
Being a By-law to Deem Certain Lots in the Town of Parry Sound not to be Part of a Registered Plan of Subdivision (Themer – 60a Seguin Street).
Passed, Signed and Sealed
By-law 2021 – 7180
Being a By-law to Deem Certain Lots in the Town of Parry Sound not to be Part of a Registered Plan of Subdivision (The Trustees of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church Parry Sound Ontario – 58 Seguin Street).
Passed, Signed and Sealed

10.3.1 – Bobby Orr Hall of Fame Induction Policy.
By-law 2021 – 7181
Being a By-law to adopt the Bobby Orr Hall of Fame Induction Policy.
Passed, Signed and Sealed