Tuesday’s Special Council Meeting is dedicated to the Town’s capital budget for 2022. The item listed below is the only resolution. The draft capital budget details are contained in the 29-page agenda package. Here is a link to the agenda package at the Town’s website. It’s worth reviewing.

IHere is the full URL to the agenda package. Copy and paste it into your browser in case you have issues with the earlier link.  http://calendar.parrysound.ca/Council/Detail/2022-02-08-1900-Special-Council-Meeting-2022-Draft-Capital-Budget/c88c9bc5-8575-43b0-bddd-ae320140a49e

Oh, just to confirm, I missed sending out the agenda for last week’s meeting. I will have the minutes for the meeting out later today.

Resolutions and Direction to Staff

3.1.1 – Draft 2022 Capital Budget.
Spokespersons: Clayton Harris, CAO, Stephanie Phillips, Director of Finance.
That the staff report, the 2022 Draft Capital Budget and presentation be received for information purposes: and That Council approve the Draft Capital Budget and directs staff to include it in the preparation of a By-law to set the estimates following the 2022 Draft Operating Budget deliberations.