A friend and reader of this blog sent me an email and asked my opinion regarding the development squabble between the Town of Parry Sound and Seguin Township. They provided a little bit of the communication between the two municipalities. My response was that I had no control or influence in the ‘discussion’ and was going to stay out of the fray. They responded and seemed to suggest that the Town was being too difficult and that Seguin had some good ideas and was working for the benefit of the area. Here is my response to them. It pretty much summarizes what I feel is going on. This is based on my reading of the correspondence and proposals as well as several decades negotiating deals and partnerships.

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If Seguin wants to create housing opportunities why don’t they look to Humphrey, Foley or Rosseau where they probably wouldn’t need to impact wetlands? Hmmm? Because the logical next step is commercial development along Oastler Drive. Why on the very edge of the Town of Parry Sound? Hmmm?

What is the proposed pricing of the homes? How affordable will they be for the people we need to fix our cars and wire our houses? Will there be subsidized housing and apartments? I suspect what Seguin will be after is the wealthy GTA resident and high salary professional. It’s much more lucrative to build infrastructure to support a million dollar home than a $300,000 home. They both use the same amount of road, water and sewage services, but one comes with three times the tax revenue. Seguin wants Parry Sound to become the ghetto that services their clientele. 

I think we both know the answers and there is no altruism involved.

I would be okay with it if amalgamation were the first step. Seguin wants the tax revenue but doesn’t want to pay for the supporting physical and social infrastructure. 

Comme on dit en français – “arrive en ville”.