This page will attempt to collect and compile reports from Parry Sound area organizations that may be of interest to the general public. These organizations publish reports that summarize their objectives and accomplishments that too often seem to disappear. Well, they usually haven’t disappeared but in many cases are just filed away, either in file cabinets or buried on websites. I’m hoping to catalogue and inventory these various reports in one central site.

Access to the reports is offered in three ways.
1. A link to the original document on the issuing organization’s website.
2. A link to a copy of the original document hosted on this site.
3. A link to an annotated copy of the original document hosted on this site.

The annotations will include my comments to the reports. This helps me to quickly open a document and identify any points that I thought were notable and worth returning to. Please note that all documents are not necessarily available in all formats. In some cases the issuing organizations don’t have a link to the report on their website, and in other cases I may not have taken the time to annotate a report. The annotation colours are as one might expect – Green (thumbs up), Yellow (worth noting), Red (concerning or worth investigating).

The reports listed below will grow with time, as more reports are issued and I am able to identify and track down older reports. Contact me (, if you have suggestions of additional reports that should be included.

Town of Parry Sound Documents

2017 Town of Parry Sound Staff Objectives
TOPS Hosted – N/A (part of 2017-02-21 council agenda package)
Parry Sounds Hosted
Parry Sounds Annotated

2016 Business Stimulus Plan
TOPS Hosted – N/A (part of 2016-04-19 Council Agenda Package)
Parry Sounds Hosted (Agenda Version)
Parry Sounds Hosted (By-Law Version)
Parry Sounds Annotated (By-Law Version)

Annual Reports
2016 Annual Report (TOPS) (ParrySounds)
2015 Annual Report (TOPS) (Parry Sounds)
2014 Annual Report (TOPS) (Parry Sounds)