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As many of you have noticed there are crossing gates being installed at the Forest Street rail crossing. As of October 19th the gate mechanism seems to have been installed with the gate arms still to come. I hope it will be operational by the end of the month, but I’m not aware of a schedule.

Thanks are due Peter Brown, Director of Public Works for the Town of Parry Sound, and Councillor Paul Borneman for making this happen. The crossing was originally scheduled for installation in 2010 but was pushed back. Without the efforts of Messrs Borneman and Brown it might have slipped to 2012.

Here’s hoping that we look forward to the installations of gates at the Cascade Street crossing in 2012. As you remember this was the site of a train related fatality earlier this year. The Cascade crossing has a very obstructed view and creating one more barrier to ‘taking a chance’ can only help someone make the right decision and save their life.

People can always go around a gate at a railway crossing, but it takes time and it’s not easy. Like the RIDE program for reducing drunk driving, the crossing gates cannot prevent people from making a stupid decision, it can only make them think twice about the consequences.