I’ve finished reading a new Parry Sound Library book – The 3rd Alternative, by Stephen R. Covey. He’s the author of ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’, a book that over the last couple of decades has had a major impact on the way people think and act, from world leaders to people like you and me.

His new book outlines how it is possible to do better in everyday situations and conflicts. Rather than having winners and losers in any argument or conflict he is suggesting both both not only can win, but they can do even better than they imagined. It just takes looking at the challenge with a different frame of mind. This 3rd Alternative thinking is a logical progression to one of the 7 Habits – “Think Win-Win”. Dr. Covey provides the reasoning and benefits of 3rd Alternative thinking in many real life situations.

The book is an entertaining read and full of great ideas. It’s a definite winner and worth checking out from the Parry Sound Library.

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