I had a chance to look at the Council package at Town Hall this morning. Sometimes the Council materials can add perspective not obvious in the agenda.

There seems to be little controversial at this weeks meeting, at least from my perspective. It’s worth noting that for item 9.1.2 – the expense is a needed upgrade for the types of boats we are seeing more regularly in Parry Sound, and would support a major event this summer where the Great Lakes Cruising Club would be here from July 14-18. We are increasingly seeing bigger boats at the Big Sound marina who need more power than we can offer at a single slip. The solution to date has been to use the power from two slips to power a single boat, which means Big Sound can only host as few as half the number of slips. In theory external sources might provide two-thirds or more of the funding. Given that this is the type of improvement that will be good for ten or more years it seems a no-brainer to at least look for external sources of funding for the upgrade.

Here’s the rest of the original post from yesterday.

This is a short preview of the more interesting topics to be addressed at the upcoming Parry Sound Council meeting to be held November 15, 2011, 7:00 PM at the Town Hall, 52 Seguin Street. The full Tuesday agenda is available at the Town of Parry Sound’s (TOPS) website or through this link. More information on the meeting, along with background materials as provided to the Council members, is available at the Parry Sound Library and the Town Hall, Friday afternoons prior to the scheduled meeting. Note that the library is closed Sundays and Mondays.

Interesting and Notable Agenda Items

2.1.1 Council will hold a public meeting to consider a proposed Zoning By-law amendment under Section 34 of the Planning Act. The purpose of the proposed Zoning By-Law amendment is to rezone 24 Bay Street in the Town of Parry Sound, from a “Residential Second Density (R2)” zone to a “Special Provision (SP)” zone. The effect of the proposed Zoning By-law amendment will be to allow the conversion of part of the existing dwelling to an antique shop. [Looks like some commercial development for the lower Bay Street area.]
Big Sound Marina: Power Upgrade, Resolution that Council grant 2012 pre-budget approval to upgrade the power at Big Sound Marina in the amount of $75,000; and Council direct staff to pursue grants to help offset the costs of the upgrade. [This is a major expense, the value of which may be presented in the council package. I’ll check it on Monday.]
General Insurance Renewal December 15th, 2011 to 2012, Council approves and accepts the proposal from BFL Canada for the Corporation’s General Insurance coverage in the amount of $ 193,896.52 (tax included) for the one year period ending December 15th, 2012. [This is what the cost is for town insurance coverage; a rather major expense.]
10.2.1 Agreement – Via Rail Canada Inc. BY-LAW 2011 – 6047, to authorize the execution of an Agreement between Via Rail Canada and The Corporation of the Town of Parry Sound for the use of municipal lands known as 70 Church Street. [I suppose this legally permits VIA to drop off, and pick up, passengers in Town. Perhaps more details in the AWOL council package.]
10.4.3 Heritage Designation By-law – 17 George Street – Tower Hill Garden, a By-law to designate property at 17 George Street (Tower Hill Garden) to be of cultural heritage value or interest. [This will help ensure Tower Hill retains the features that has made it an important of Parry Sound’s cultural heritage for the last 90 years. When you think about it the Tower and the Trestle are the two iconic images associated with Parry Sound.]
10.4.4 Request for Deeming By-law – Macklaim & Taylor Ltd., a By-law to deem certain lots in the Town of Parry Sound not to be part of a registered Plan of Subdivision (Macklaim & Taylor Investments Ltd.) [Not sure what this is about, probably not at all controversial, but a check of the Council package will confirm.]

Suggestions for attending Council meetings and letting your voice be heard.

1. The meeting starts at 7:00 sharp. You don’t need to attend the full meeting. There are no breaks, but people regularly slip out of the meeting after their subject of interest is discussed.
2. If you want to present your point of view on any subject there is an opportunity to present a deputation at the start of the meeting. Mayor McGarvey asks the public if they wish to make a deputation at that time. This is the only opportunity at the meeting to express your opinion, even for a topic that is to be discussed later. There is no opportunity to express an opinion once the deputation portion of the meeting passes. There is also no intermission, or recess, where you can speak to a Council member. If you want to discuss something, or express your opinion, you need to do it at the beginning of the meeting.
3. You may also present your position on any town related issue even if it is not on the Council’s agenda. To do this you need to schedule your presentation at least a week before the next Council meeting so that it can be included in the agenda and Council members have an opportunity to review any materials you will be presenting. The person to contact about your presentation is Ms. Jackie Boggs, Deputy Clerk, EA to the CAO and Deputy Treasurer. She can be reach at the town office, 705/746-2101. Shorter, more informal presentations can usually be made as part of the Deputations portion of the meeting.
4. Town Council meetings are pleasant and informal, with the understanding that the audience can only provide their input prior to the meeting, or during the Deputations portion of the meeting.
5. Council meetings are a good opportunity to meet and speak with the Parry Sound local media. The North Star and Moose-FM are always present and happy to speak with those attending the meeting.

I hope this helps. See you at the next meeting.