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The upcoming Council meeting on the 21st has a couple of interesting agenda items – a sweetened offer for the Seguin property owners to join Parry Sound, and a decision on the future of water rates for Parry Sound.

There are other items that will be of interest to different individuals and groups. I suggest you review the agenda at the Parry Sound website for more information (here’s the link). And for even more details read the council package available at the Parry Sound Library and the Town Office.

Here are, in my opinion, the more interesting/important items to be discussed.

Interesting and Notable Agenda Items

Item 9.1.1 is a request to approve the terms of reference for Waterfront Advisory Committee. It’s good to see that the issue of the waterfront is returning to the attention of staff and council.

Item 9.2.1 is a series of resolutions related to the recently presented Water and Wastewater Study. The key item relates to a recommendation that council approves Option 1 regarding price increases. The recommended option retains the current rate structure with any increase in costs being uniformly applied to all customers.

Item 9.6.1 is a resolution proposing that Seguin property owners impacted by the ‘Boundary Adjustment Area’ be grandfathered (my term) at the current Seguin tax rate with future increases at the rate of Parry Sound increases. This grandfather provision would lapse, and the properties would become subject to the appropriate Parry Sound property taxes, if the properties were to receive town services or the properties were to be sold. There are a number of additional conditions and considerations in the resolution. Attend the meeting to better understand what they are and what they mean. My sense is that this makes good sense for Parry Sound residents and the property owners in the Boundary Adjustment Area. As a town we have made our offer, let’s see if it is accepted.

Item 10.1.1 is a proposed bylaw to permit ATV’s on certain Parry Sound streets during ‘Spring Jam’, April 27th and 28th.

There’s more, but these are the highlights as far as I’m concerned. Check out the council meeting package at the Town Office or the Library.

See you Tuesday.