The upcoming Council meeting on the 6th is largely comprised of non-controversial subjects. It’s worth mentioning that prior to the open portion of the council meeting there will be a closed session related to Parry Sound Power Gen – Power Generation Project. This is an item that has been mentioned in passing on several occasions at council meetings for the last six months and is an issue I will raise in my deputation.

The Salvation Army and their waste donation disposal issue will be addressed at this meeting. It looks as though there will be a modified grant procedure proposed that should help cover their disposal costs through commercial sources rather than continuing disposal at the Parry Sound transfer site.

There are other items that will be of interest to different individuals and groups. Review the agenda at the Parry Sound website for more information (here’s a link). And for even more details read the council package available at the Parry Sound Library and the Town Office.

Interesting and Notable Agenda Items

Item 9.1.2 is a resolution that addresses charitable waste. The program would provide for a total of $5,000 in grants for organizations that qualify for the program and submit an application. This resolution will probably meet most of the needs of the Salvation Army and the unusable charitable waste that is dumped on their premises.

Item 9.3.1 proposes to prohibit open air fires for the burning of brush. With a brand new chipper at the transfer station there is no need to pollute the air, and inconvenience neighbours with odour and smoke by burning brush. It will be a little more work to take the brush to the transfer station rather than pile and burn it, but it’s necessary in my opinion. It’s not too hard to understand if you have ever been downwind from a fire that is burning fresh brush.

Item 9.6.1 is a resolution requesting town staff to pursue opportunities for senior level (provincial and federal) funding to support infrastructure improvements in the proposed Parry Sound / Seguin boundary adjustment area.

Those are the notable items on the agenda. I will be making a deposition to council proposing some thoughts on how to better keep the public updated with respect to council meetings, special public presentations and town business. Check out the council meeting package at the Town Office and the Library for more information.

See you Tuesday.