After attending this evening’s special meeting of the Parry Sound Council at the Foley Agricultural Centre with residents of the prospective boundary adjustment area my feeling is that the deal is dead. Dead and done.

Comments from the property owners were consistently negative and skeptical about any benefit of the boundary adjustment accruing to them. They suggested that the whole proposal was primarily for the benefit of one or two developers in the area.

There were seven property owners at the meeting at least five of whom indicated that they would vote against the boundary change. Given that only five ‘no’ votes are required to block the adjustment, and the very negative attitude of the Seguin property owners it seems Parry Sound will need to look in other directions if it hopes to grow.

Based on the tone of the discussion I have a much better sense of why other municipal council meetings are as ‘colourful’ as is regularly reported. It’s hard to have a productive discussion if no one wants to listen and understand. It’s possible that there is a deal to be done but the Seguin residents present at the meeting had no interest in getting there. Their minds had been made up long before the meeting and the opportunity for discussion.