In the last post, TOPS Financial Analysis #1 – 2011, Revenue Top Line, I provided a quick look at the revenue sources for the Town of Parry Sound (TOPS) in 2011. In this post I’ll summarize the expenditures for the same period – 2011. This is again a top line look at the figures, I’ll tear them apart in future posts, so hang tight and check out the big picture of where the money goes.

The chart below provides a broad summary of the general areas of expenditures for TOPS in 2011. To make it a little easier to understand there is a table with the same data right below the chart. Total expenditures in 2011 amounted to $29.8 million as opposed to total revenues of $28.0 million. That is a shortfall we will need to look at in more detail in a later post. For now though let’s try and understand where the money went. In the next post I’ll explain what costs fall under each of these rather large expenditure categories.

Costs by Function
Total Health Services $7,466,706
Total Environmental Services $5,899,939
Protection to Persons & Property $4,263,906
Total Transportation $3,977,527
Total Recreation & Cultural Services $3,236,694
Total School Boards $2,296,656
Administration $1,498,929
Total Family & Social Services $419,553
Total Commercial & Industrial Development $370,534
Council $177,932
Total Planning & Zoning $175,772
Total $29,784,148