Update – I’ve had a chance to take a quick look at the meeting materials and have added in a few more comments [bracketed].

With the long weekend and other priorities I have not been able to see the full council meeting package, so this will be a short summary of what I see as the key meeting topics. I’ll fill in details before noon on Tuesday after I’ve had a chance to get to the library and review the full package. I’m looking forward to when the council package is available online. It will save me some time and spare a few trees.

Starting with this post I’ll be ‘featuring’ artwork from the Parry Sound pedestrian bridge. It’s pretty good and it’s worth recognizing. There is no particular order to the photos, it’s what seemed to fit at the moment.

Meeting Highlights:

2.1.2 – is a public meeting to consider rezoning part of the William Street Park. The town is moving forward with it’s plan to put up a number of town properties up for sale and eventual development. If you care you need to let council and staff know how you feel.

5.1 and 9.3.3 – these are agenda items related to complaints by Parry Sound Taxi about the Temporary Taxi Driver’s License process. There will be a deputation by the OPP regarding the screening process and a proposal from staff to revise the issuing of temporary licenses.

9.3.1 – relates to actions in support of the listing of the residence that formerly was the town’s water pumping station. This property will be going on the market and is the only house in Parry Sound that has a true waterfront view of the Sound. I assume there will be multiple parties interested in this property.

9.4.1 – is a continuation of the Service Delivery Review Program that was started at the last regularly scheduled council meeting.

9.4.2 – amends the terms of reference for the Citizens Finance Committee. [Adds more members.]

9.4.3 and 9.5.1 – requests approval/endorsement for the town’s Strategic Plan policies and procedures as well as the Waterfront Committee’s procedures and policies.

10.3.1 – this item seems to be moving town staff parking out of the paid parking lot beside St. Andrew’s Church. I’ll better understand this once I get a chance to see the council meeting package. [It seems to provide for more public (greater revenue) parking.]

10.3.2 – seems to be a series of by-laws, resolutions and directions to raise the parking fees and fines for parking violations. It’s about time in my estimation. This should free up parking for customers who won’t resent paying another couple of nickels for a closer spot, and the town could use the revenue for parking lot management, repair and snow removal. There is no free lunch. This is literally a nickels and dime issue for the average person who drives downtown, and is now paying $1.35 for a liter of gas. [This is a very nicely researched piece of work – my compliments. It raises the hourly parking fee to $1.00, in line with other communities. Fees have not been increased since 2000.]

10.3.3 – is a site plan approval request for 80 Bowes Street with I Fuels Ltd. I’m not at all sure what this is about. [Well it looks as though there will be another gas bar and convenience store in town (oh boy) at the site of the former Eckstein property.]

10.4.1 – the social media behaviour policy is up for by-law approval.

Bridge Art – Welcome (Click photo for larger image)