Last night’s meeting seemed to give signs of being a long meeting, but in the end it really wasn’t. That’s the benefit of postponing agenda items. The problem is that they always come back again. I’m not sure if staff is not preparing the agenda items so as to allow for a decision, or items are being brought to council before they are fully ‘baked’, or council is a little bit slow on the uptake, but it creates more work in the long run.

Meeting Highlights:

2.1.2 – a public meeting to consider rezoning part of the William Street Park elicited a number of letters and deputations in opposition. I think the people in opposition have a fair point in being worried that this is a potential loss of green space that can never be recovered. I have sent a note to town staff asking them to point me to the official town plan regarding parks and recreation area. This proposed loss of part of the William Street Park needs to be consistent with the overall plan for this type of space within the town. The William Street neighbourhood is rapidly becoming a high density area and more rather than less recreation and park space would seem to be appropriate.

5.1 and 9.3.3 – items related to the taxi permitting process were postponed until the September 18th council meeting after the taxi company has a chance to review the new by-law proposal.

9.3.1 – the road allowance closure by-law for the residence at the former water pumping station was approved with little discussion.

9.4.1 – this item, a continuation of the Service Delivery Review Program was defeated (effectively postponed) rather than actually postponed. It will return again in the next couple of months as a new agenda item.

9.4.2 – council approved the terms of reference for the Citizens Finance Committee adding new members.

9.4.3 and 9.5.1 – requests for approval/endorsement of the town’s Strategic Plan policies and procedures as well as the Waterfront Committee’s procedures and policies were approved.

10.3.1 – an item relating to renewing the parking agreement on the St. Andrew’s Church parking lot was not finalized. There was considerable confusion about what was implied and what should be done. It is also tied into the parking issue (Item 10.3.2) which was postponed to the October 2nd meeting of council. So we’ll see when it gets addressed again.

10.3.2 – a series of by-laws, resolutions and directions to raise the parking fees and fines for parking violations was postponed until the October 2nd meeting at the request of the Downtown Business Association. In an interesting tactical approach the DBA suggested rather than raise the parking rates and fines the town should consider dropping them altogether. In my opinion much of their argument does not make sense. But rather than start the discussion here I’ll summarize my thoughts in a separate post.

10.3.3 – the site plan approval request for 80 Bowes Street with I Fuels Ltd was approved. It looks like we will be getting another gas station and convenience store.

10.4.1 – the social media by-law was approved. I’m not sure anyone besides Councillor Williams really understood what it meant and its implications. Oh well, I imagine it will have zero impact on anything for the foreseeable future.

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