It’s worth noting a couple of items that have come up in recent public Parry Sound Town Council sessions and have not been mentioned in my regular council meeting posts.

1. The new public school seems to be on hold and there is little possibility that it will be ready for Fall 2013. The passing comments that have been made in council sessions indicate that the delay may related to environmental issues. Or it may be something else. The delay does not seem to be related to problems caused by the town.

2. Georgian Greens, the Seguin development behind the helicopter facility off of Emily Street/Rose Point Road, has sent a letter to Parry Sound asking if the town might want to consider annexing this area. This seems to be a little ‘off the wall’ but it certainly is a good way to get things started. Sometimes we can be a little too careful in bringing up a subject to the point that the point is never made. This is not part of the annexation area that was discussed earlier this year.

Bridge Art – Growl (click to open larger version)

Bridge Art - Growl