Here is a quick primer for the upcoming council meeting identifying the issues that I believe are of most interest to Parry Sound residents. I’ll provide a summary of discussion and decisions shortly after the meeting. As always the North Star and the Moose-FM are great resources for issues related to council meetings. A copy of the council meeting agenda is available online at the town’s website,, and copies of the council package are available at the town office and the library.

Agenda Highlights:

4.2, 9.6.2 – the RoseWater Management Group has sent a letter to Seguin Council with copy to Parry Sound Council requesting the parties enter into discussions regarding a boundary adjustment. This relates to a portion of the area that might have been part of the boundary adjustment discussions earlier this year. The RoseWater group is suggesting that they are looking at building as many as 750 to 1,000 affordable homes on an 88 acre area over the next decade, but require the services provided by Parry Sound (water, sewer, etc.). I’ve pasted a mockup below of where I figure the property is located (area is in orange). Note – this is separate from an earlier request to consider a boundary adjustment related to the Georgian Greens property off of Emily Street.

Proposed Area RoseWater Boundary Adjustment

9.1.1 – the town is moving forward with much needed improvements to water and waste water services for Wakefield and Dufferin Streets.

9.3.1 – the taxi issue looks as though it will be postponed until the October 2nd meeting based on a request from the taxi firms to have a face-to-face meeting with town staff prior to any council decision. There has to be some way to meet the needs of the taxi companies and still ensure the safety of the public. Too much regulation is not any better than too little regulation. The October 2nd meeting promises to be jam packed with controversial issues; the parking issue comes up again for discussion. Let’s see if council is interested in good policy or good politics.

10.3.1 – relates to the rezoning of a portion of Williams Street Park to permit the sale and development on three residential lots. The council package contains a very nice discussion and analysis of the rezoning. I urge you to read it before you pass judgement.

10.5.1 – is a by-law to allow Mr. Chips to lease and operate the BOCC Canteen for a period of two years.

That’s it. See you there. It shouldn’t last too long.

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