I received a short while ago a 7 page document from the town that represents the core proposal from York Health Care Developments Inc. I have attached a copy of the PDF for those who are interested. It provides a bit more information than has already been made available in the town’s press release.

I also spoke with the person who submitted the proposal and asked him for information concerning the company and what projects they have been involved with. He said that it was part of their proposal and was in the appendices. He suggested I ask the town for a copy of the various appendices as they were not confidential. I’ve asked the town for these materials. I’ll update my findings in a future post. (Update – as I was drafting this post the town was good enough to provide the appendices. They are attached here. Note – the company has a long list of projects they have been involved with.)

So, it looks as though the development may not be controversial. That’s not really a surprise. What continues to be a surprise and disappointment is why staff and council chose to review the proposal in closed session with no discussion and debate of the proposal in open session before its approval. Even better would have been to have placed the item on the open meeting agenda with the supporting documents.