This is another light meeting in terms of the agenda items. The council meeting is preceded by an open meeting presenting and reviewing the town’s official plan.

Correspondence and Deputations:

4.1 – there is a letter from the Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs announcing a municipal politicians seminar on the May 5th and 6th.

5.1 – there is a scheduled deputation on the Mission Park rejuvenation – see item 9.2.1 below.

Resolutions and Directions to Staff

9.1.1 – town staff is recommending that Parry Sound not adopt an Off Road Vehicle (ORV) by-law as was requested by a member of the public at a recent town council meeting. In reading the supporting materials I see that there is no clear cut and dry argument for or against the use of ORV on Parry Sound streets. The cons relate to: the need for an agreement with the OPP to police their use, damage to the town infrastructure (road edges) and the need to provide limits on where they might go. There are a number of parties in favour of the wider use of ORVs in Parry Sound. The report to council is quite detailed and worth reading. My sense is that council will accept the staff recommendation, but with additional work by interested groups it is possible that ORVs may, with time, be permitted for limited use in town.

9.2.1 – a resolution on the agenda for council to endorse a grant application to Canadian National Railways to rehabilitate Mission Park. The resolution also requests $4,000 from the town’s Tree Planting budget, and that $25,000 be considered for inclusion in the 2013 budget, or funding from the Parkland Reserve Fund.

9.4.2 – is a request that council endorse in principle the Downtown Business Association’s downtown revitalization plan. The full plan, along with details will be provided to council at a later date.

9.4.3 – staff is requesting approval to issue a Request for Proposal (RFP) regarding use of the Old Fire Hall. This is similar to the RFP that was issued for the CP Station and resulted in a long term lease with Festival of the Sound.

9.5.1 – is a resolution requesting approval for a tender in the amount of $354 thousand for the modification of Sewage Station #11, that serves Parry Sound downtown. The tenders received ranged from a low of $354 thousand to a high of $486 thousand.

9.5.2 – is a resolution to have the town accept the Bridge Inspections report. In all the bridges need an estimated $1.2 million in repair work over the next ten years. The big pieces are: patch and pave ($200,000), and replace joints ($150,000) on the Seguin Street Bridge, and sandblast and paint ($400,000) the Fitness Trail’s Seguin pedestrian bridge. Ouch.


10.2.1 – is a by-law to provide a Schedule of Retention Periods for the records of the Town of Parry Sound; establish a Records Management Policy.

10.4.1 – is a by-law to declare property surplus and identify a means of sale for Town owned property on MacFarlane Street.

10.4.2 – is a by-law to permit ORVs on Parry Sound town streets for the annual ATV Spring Jam. The dates are April 26 & 27.

There was more. This post attempts to capture the more important agenda items. See you there.

Bridge Art 2012 – Anarchy