Last night’s meeting was over before 8:30 last night, and would have finished even earlier had there not been a couple of deputations and the public meeting session. A couple of the Councillors were unusually quiet, but not at the expense of a proper review or discussion of the issues on the agenda.

Public Meeting

2.1.1 – a presentation was made by K&C Hall providing additional information in support of their requested zoning by-law amendment to re-designate to Highway/Service Commercial the properties on the east side of Louisa Street adjacent to the Canadian Tire Gas Bar. I was surprised to realize that this property is also part of a development package that includes a parcel of land across from Sobeys on Oastler Park Drive. This property was already zoned Highway/Service Commercial and thus was not part of the zoning by-law amendment request. One presentation by a community member requested council ensure that all of the necessary reviews be completed prior to council approval. This included a downtown business impact study. I expect Council will approve the zoning amendment as well as the necessary change to the Official Plan without further information or studies.

Councillors and Mayor Reports, Questions of Staff

There was nothing particularly notable raised in the Councillors reports. Talks continue with Lakeland Power Corporation and power generation revenue seems to be on budget. Thanks were given to the volunteers who helped with the rejuvenation Mission Park.

Correspondence and Deputation

4.1 – Jane Jones, Chair of Artists Round The Sound (ARTS) thanking the Town for approving their application for the 2013 Municipal Assistance Program (MAP) was forwarded to file.

4.2 – Peter Istvan, an update on the success of the Pedaling for Parkinson’s event that raised $92,000.00 was forwarded to file.

4.3 – Donald Sanderson, Chief Executive Officer, West Parry Sound Health Centre requesting a contribution of $5,000 to support physician retention and recruitment. The CAO stated that a cheque had been forwarded to the Health Centre.

4.4 – a letter from our MP, Tony Clement, responding to Council’s letter regarding rail safety in light of the Lac-Mégantic tragedy was noted.

4.5 – District of Parry Sound Domestic Violence Coordinating Committee inviting participation in the 10th Annual Walk for Community Safety on Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013 was noted.

There were two deputations. A representative of the Parry Sound YMCA presented information on the Y’s activities and successes in linking job seekers with companies. The second deputation introduced the new Active Transportation regional map that provides information on recommended cycling routes in the Parry Sound District area.

Consent Agenda

There was nothing on the Consent Agenda.

Resolutions and Directions to Staff

9.1.1. – the proposed closure of the existing Burritt Street and Isabella/Hillcrest Street intersection was approved with limited discussion.

9.4.1 – the audited Consolidated Financial Statements for the year ended December 31, 2012 were accepted by Council.

9.4.2 – the 2014 Budget Schedule was accepted as proposed. The process kicks off in September with final approval scheduled for late April or early May 2014.

9.5.1 – a Consent Application to subdivide a lot at 68 Church Street/4 Station Street was approved.

9.5.2 – rezoning of the former Fleck Street Road Allowance to permit a multi-unit residence was approved. It was noted that this change allows for a different configuration of the building; a multi-unit residence was already permitted under the existing zoning.

9.5.3 – a resolution requesting approval of $4,900 plus GST to remove a concrete block obstruction off the side of the Smelter Wharf was approved.

9.5.4 – a resolution for approval of a ~$40,000 proposal to deliver and install modular skate park equipment was carried. Council was enthusiastic about this upgrade to the recreational facilities offered to Parry Sound youth.


10.3.1 – changes to the Town’s records retention by-law were approved.

10.4.1 – a letter of agreement with MTO for Dedicated Gas Tax Funds to support public transportation was approved.

10.5.1 – a rezoning application for the former Town Waterworks Standpipe Property was approved. As with 9.5.2, this zoning change allows for a different configuration of the residence; a multi-unit residence was already permitted under the existing zoning.

These notes review only those portions of the council meeting that I see as having greater importance or general community interest. Please see my earlier Council Agenda Preview post for more discussion and details concerning the various agenda items.

The official minutes from council meetings are available at the Town of Parry Sound website, no later than the Friday following the meeting. The full council proceeding are available on video through Cogeco. Schedule details are available from the town office (705-746-2101).

Another Parry Sound Sunset as Seen from the Smelter Wharf (August 2013)