This week’s meeting of Council is very light in terms of agenda items and their significance. There are a few things on the agenda regarding deputations, letters and consent items. Beyond that there are a couple of items related to snow plowing contracts and sand/salt purchases. In short, very little.

Parry Sound Hydro Corporation and Lakeland Holding Inc. is on the closed meeting agenda. Perhaps there will be a decision on the future of Parry Sound Hydro Corporation to coincide with the annual general meeting of Parry Sound Hydro Corporation on Wednesday night. The Parry Sound Hydro Corporation AGM is Wednesday at 6:00 in the Council chambers and is open to all. I’ll be there.

With the online distribution of the Council agenda and meeting package I’ll be further slimming down this meeting agenda preview. I recommend you check out the full package for what I may have chosen to skip. The package is available online through the meeting date (or perhaps until the minutes are posted) at the Town’s website. I’m mulling over the possibility of hosting the agendas for a year or two to ensure that the information is freely available to the public even after the meeting. There are many interesting details contained in the council package. I expect the Town will in time archive past council agenda packages and make them available online. But for now if you are interested in seeing past council packages you will need to download and save them as they are posted.

Resolutions and Directions to Staff

9.5.1 – a proposal to accept the tender from Fowler Construction in the amount of $13.81 per tonne, plus HST, for the supply, delivery, blending and stacking of 300 tonnes of winter sand.

9.5.2 – a proposal to accept a series of tenders for the plowing of Town property parking lots. The contracts are for a period of two years and have been split among multiple suppliers.


10.4.1 – adoption of the Town’s new Official Plan. It presumably incorporates the rezoning approvals from the last meeting of Council

That’s pretty much it. See you Tuesday.

 Take a Peek at What’s Ahead (Parry Sound in Black and White)


Note: As mentioned earlier, not all agenda items are covered here. Want to see everything that is on the agenda? The full agenda can be found at the town’s website (