Another light meeting this week with little on the agenda that might be considered controversial. Perhaps energy is being invested in the 2014 budget.

Item 9.2.2, a proposed revision of OPP charges to municipalities seems to be positive for Parry Sound as discussed below. It is interesting to note that OPP salaries will be increasing 8.5% in the coming year. Does anyone else think that this seems to be a ‘bit’ high in the context of inflation and wage increases given to other sectors? With these types of salary increases and a relative lack of accountability for on the job performance it’s not surprising that so many young people want to join the police force.

Correspondence and Deputations

4.1 – A letter expressing concern about the Seguin/James Street intersection following the accident that took place there on Friday October 11, 2013. [This is a follow up to the deadly accident that occurred at this intersection in October with a suggestion on how to better ensure driver compliance with pedestrian walk signs.]

4.3 – A letter concerning a culvert replacement on Marion Street and water service issues on Isabella Street.

5.1 – A deputation informing Council and the public about an art installation commemorating aboriginal women in Canada who have gone missing or have been murdered in the last 20 years. It will be in Parry Sound January 20-31 of 2014.

Consent Agenda

There is nothing significant on the Consent Agenda.

Resolutions and Directions to Staff

9.2.1 – Council Meeting Dates – 2014 [Dates are included in the Council package. Basically its every first and third Tuesday of the month with some exceptions.]

9.2.2 – A resolution to endorse the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services and OPP’s new billing model. [This is in interesting item that provides considerable information on the relative cost of policing services for Parry Sound and other Ontario communities with OPP coverage. The charge to Parry Sound for OPP service is $667 (net $408) per household. The charge to Seguin is $128 (net $128), and Carling $75 (net $75) per household. The net price refers to the cost after provincial grants. Under the proposed billing model each community will be charged the same flat rate on a per household basis for basic policing services with additional charges on a ‘per incident’ basis. So, if Parry Sound has more domestic incidents than the surrounding community we will be paying more. And if some of our neighbours decide to come to Parry Sound, get drunk and pass out on Bowes Street, the Town will be charged for the cost of the OPP service. All-in-all it’s a much better arrangement. Municipalities that have been coasting on very low OPP charges will be required to pay more while communities like Parry Sound will see a savings.]

9.5.1 – Roof Repair – A resolution to accept a tender from J.G. Fitzgerald & Sons Ltd. for  $145,000, plus HST, to repair of the Waste Water Treatment Plant roof and the Parry Sound Public Library roof. The Library roof repair is to be funded $60,000 from the Library Reserve and $47,000 from the Reserve for Rate Stabilization.


10.1.1 – a by-law to authorize the execution of an Agreement Between the Parry Sound Area Planning Board and Parry Sound to lease a portion of the Fire/Emergency Services Complex at 4 Church Street.

10.4.1 – a by-law to grant Site Plan Approval and authorize the execution and registration of a development agreement with Alexei Klimov for an eight unit residential complex at 81 River Street.

10.4.2 – a by-law to deem certain lots in the Town of Parry Sound not to be part of a registered Plan of Subdivision (Hands the Family Help Network) to permit an expansion of the facility.

That’s pretty much it. See you Tuesday.

Delivering the Goods (Parry Sound in Black & White)


Note: Not all agenda items are covered here. I typically skip items that have little material impact on the town. These items include simple requests for Tag Days (permission to canvas), Awareness Weeks/Months, road closures for civic events, and the like. Want to see everything that is on the agenda? The full agenda can be found at the town’s website (