Well, we’re starting to see a little more transparency with respect to the ongoing discussions between Parry Sound Hydro and Lakeland Holding. If you look carefully you may be able to find the ‘merger’ presentation that is posted on the Town’s website. But I’ll bet you can’t. It’s not linked anywhere that I was able to find easily. So, if you aren’t into hide-and-seek, here’s the link: www.townofparrysound.com/filecabinet/1327

Prepare to be underwhelmed with what’s presented. Pretty pictures and nothing of any substance. It reminds of the line ‘if I told you more I’d have to kill you’.

Let’s see what is presented at the Tuesday meeting of Council and the official session on December 2nd. As taxpayers we should be provided with all of the financial background for the deal and the financial projections going forward as they apply to Parry Sound. These would include information on expected revenue and the proposed profit sharing formula. It would also be nice to know what impact this merger will have on the level of service we receive in Parry Sound. So many questions and one very opaque presentation. Let’s see.

I’m hoping the merger will provide the resources to permit an expansion of the Cascade generating plant to capture some of the energy, and dollars, that have been spilling over the dam for the last few weeks.

Pretty But Such a Waste (November 2013)