Linked in this short post is a single file compilation of the minutes from the Town of Parry Sound Council meetings. It’s a simple way to search for the resolutions, directions, by-laws, and much more that were the subject of discussion and agreement at Council in 2013. Here is the link, it’s not a very large file despite comprising 280 pages. The minutes are in chronological order for those of you who would like to read it as historical non-fiction.

Searching is easily done with even the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. Just enter the term you are looking for in the ‘Find’ field (it’s found in the Edit menu).

The Town agendas are available at the Town’s website. They are very valuable documents that provide the background for the items discussed at council meetings. They are too large to compile in any practical manner. I suggest you search the minutes for any issues of interest and then go to the Town’s website and look up the corresponding agenda. Here’s a link to the agendas page. Town Staff deserves credit for taking the time to upload and archive these documents online (since September only when Council went electronic).

Path to the Future or the Past? (Parry Sound in Black & White)