… with this post.

Time to change it up a little. Since the first post at ParrySounds.com almost four years ago the information available to Parry Sound residents concerning the activities at Town Council have vastly improved. No longer is the interested resident limited to having access to a council meeting agenda that could only be viewed at the library and town office. At this point the meeting agendas and the full council packages can now be accessed online and downloaded for viewing, printing and saving.

At the same time the North Star & Beacon Star have increased their coverage, print and online, of Parry Sound council activities, including the budget meetings that are not covered on Cogeco TV. And of course the full proceedings of council can be viewed live and on the Cogeco cable service (delayed).

The net/net is that there seems to be little value for me to actively cover all of the goings on at Council. Interested individuals can easily get the information they need to understand not only what is on the Council agenda, but also the supporting documentation made available to the Councillors. The final decisions are similarly captured in the Council meeting minutes that are posted online by the Town. Topical items are usually well covered in the local media, Moose-FM for quick next day updates, and online a few days later at parrysound.com (no, not this site but MetrolandMedia’s) and then next week in the North Star and Beacon Star.

It takes a fair amount of time to review the agenda package, research, draft, edit and post the agenda preview, attend council meetings, and then draft, edit and post the council meeting notes; about about twenty hours a month.

So the preview and review posts of Council meetings will be limited to issues I feel are of importance to the community and could benefit from some discussion and investigation. That should make it a little more interesting for all involved.

Starting next week we’ll all save some time preparing and reading these posts. That will free up time for me to look in to some of the other issues impacting Parry Sound that don’t receive the attention they should. We really don’t have an appropriately critical mainline press presence in Parry Sound, they are too dependent on Town advertising dollars and Town ‘access’ to chance ‘pissing off’ Council or Staff.

Hollywood North, or is that Near North? (Parry Sound in Black & White)