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I had forgotten about the Sunshine List until I noticed that some searches that ended up here were looking for Sunshine List information. So, here are the numbers for Parry Sound Staff. I’ll forgo looking at other public staff working in Town, i.e., hospital, social services, etc., and leave that to others. I suspect these numbers will make our Town Staff look like a real bargain.

There were four Town of Parry Sound employees on the Sunshine list for 2013. Here are the figures directly from the Sunshine List. The first figure is salary paid and the second is taxable benefits.

Town of Parry Sound DOBSON BRENDA Director of Finance and Provincial Offences Act Court Services $116,020.85 $2,705.17
Town of Parry Sound LAING IAIN Director of Community Development $111,877.53 $2,262.11
Town of Parry Sound MENS ROB Chief Administrative Officer/Clerk $138,379.57 $2,889.18
Town of Parry Sound MIDDAUGH LYNN Director of Development and Leisure Services $109,947.94 $2,508.85

Two of these individuals have retired in the past six months, so there are only two people on the list heading into 2014. I note once again that Mr. Peter Brown is notably absent from the list. I guess he’s like one of those professional sports stars on a rookie contract. They don’t get paid near what they are worth until they are eligible for free agency.

I have no issue with these individuals receiving a fair salary for what they do. We are receiving a reasonable return on investment.

Here’s the full list if you haven’t been able to track it down yourself.

Working on the Rails. (Parry Sound in Black & White)