As is the new norm this post will provide only a ‘stripped-down’ overview of the upcoming Parry Sound Council meeting.

The closed session of Council features a discussion of Parry Sound Downtown Business Association (DBA) governance. The whole issue of DBA governance is a hot topic with Council’s decision to dismiss the volunteer head of the DBA. Since then three DBA board members have resigned, likely to protest Council’s action. There is a letter to Council on the agenda, Item 4.1, from members of the DBA requesting additional information concerning the dismissal of the DBA Head.

One of the hot issues at this meeting concerns metered parking on Bay Street. A number of residents and businesses have sent letters (Items 4.5, 4.6) and/or requested a deputation opportunity (Items 5.3, 5.4) at this week’s meeting to offer arguments against regulated paid parking. They express concern that the installation of parking meters will compromise their ability to properly use their properties. A letter from Steve Anderson of 30,000 Island Cruise Line outlines the implications for their business as a result of regulated paid parking. A report outlining the benefits of regulated parking is included in the package and makes a cogent argument for the value of regulated parking that does not depend on increased Town revenue. Final approval of the by-law is on the agenda as Item 10.2.1. Dollars to donuts Council turns it down, they’re taking enough heat already on other decisions that they don’t want to see the public out with pitchforks.

I note that an item on the agenda (Item 8.3) concerns public rail safety week, April 28 to May 4. I’m pleased to see that attention is being placed on rail safety nationally and in our community.

The rezoning of 60 and 64 Bowes Street is on the agenda (Item 10.1.1), as a by-law, to permit the construction of a medical office, office space and pharmacy. That makes how many pharmacies in Parry Sound?

 If Snow Was Sand There Would be Kids. (Parry Sound in Black and White)

That’s pretty much all that’s on the agenda. See you there.

It’s worth taking a look at the full agenda package which is available on the Town’s website. It provides the full agenda as well as the supporting materials for each of the items.