I’ve noticed that some of our neighbours have taken to referring to themselves as being located in Parry Sound. Yes, these Seguin companies are in the West Parry Sound District, but not Parry Sound.

You know Parry Sound – HIGH taxes and FAST internet, versus Seguin – LOW taxes and SLOW internet, and at this time of year, lots of blackflies.

I saw this before when working south of the border where companies and individuals would claim a Princeton address, or a Valley Forge address, or a Palo Alto address, even if it was just a post office box.

This came to mind today when I received an Explorers’ Edge release headlined – Explorers’ Edge AGM takes place on June 3, 2014 in Parry Sound. Actually it’s at Grand Tappattoo Resort in Seguin Township, although they list themselves as located at Otter Lake, Parry Sound. The Air Rider people also list themselves as being in Parry Sound on their Highway 400 billboards.

It’s nice to know Parry Sound is an aspirational address. As a realtor in Princeton once told us (loosely paraphrased), “When you live in Princeton you don’t need to drive an expensive car. Expensive cars are for people who wished they lived in Princeton and need to impress.” I’d like to think that’s the same for us Parry Sounders ;-).

Carry on, we’re happy to share the prestige associated with living in Parry Sound.

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