It doesn’t seem all that ‘heavy’ an agenda. The meeting package is more than 270 pages, but the meaningful issues are few, and none appear to be controversial. Listed below are the highlights as I see them.

The closed session of Council notes some pending litigation regarding zoning. I don’t have any idea what this is about.

4.4 – Correspondence, Belvedere Heights for the Aged. The 2013 financials are available.

5.1 – Deputation and Resolution, SMART Initiative. A presentation in support of a Resolution for Parry Sound to offer its municipal and financial support for this initiative. I’ve already commented on this, here’s a link to the earlier post. My position is that if our financial commitment is limited to $6,000 it’s a good investment in supporting our neighbouring municipalities. Let’s be sure we are not committed to co-funding a portion of any local share that the provincial and federal government might expect, let’s say 10% of the cost. We already have high-speed internet resources in part because we have made significant investments in general infrastructure. It’s our neighbours who have eschewed infrastructure investments and are longing for high speed internet to keep their residents happy. Not sewers, not water, not gas – they must have low cost, high-speed internet service to attract businesses.

9.1.1 – Resolution, WiFi Market Square Park. This is a nifty exchange of services that will provide the Town with high-speed internet WiFi service in Market Square Park. It’s basically a non-cash exchange of services with the Town providing Vianet with storage privileges for their equipment at the Town yard (up by the Transfer Station). This reinforces the fact that the Town has access to sufficient high-speed internet services that Vianet can offer it for free at Market Square Park. This should bring in our neighbours now that summer is pretty much here and the tourists will be sucking up the bandwidth on the cellular towers. Oh, anyone heard anything official about the Market Square Park renovation? Neither have I, and as I have predicted earlier it’s dead, dead, dead. I would be happy to be proven wrong.

9.1.2 – Resolution, Municipal Assistance Program Allocations. Council will be asked to allocate a total of $15,000 to about a dozen deserving organizations. That figure is less than the Town spends on flower baskets. Perhaps as a Town we could be a little more generous in supporting these very important groups. But we probably won’t – a shame.

 9.4.1 – Resolution, Mutual Court Rental Arrangement with Parry Sound Provincial Courthouse. Another ‘tradesee’ with the Town providing the Province with no-cost use of the Town’s POA Court facility and the Province providing the Town with no-cost use of the Provincial Court facility. This seems a good idea as a way to ‘backstop’ each other should an unexpected need arise to access a courtroom. It’s unlikely that either party will exercise the privilege.

10.1.1 – By-Law, Rezoning Application 105 Isabella Street. This would rezone the property to permit up to four residences; it is currently limited to three. That’s the way the Town rolls, more in-fill and density. But I do wonder about water service. If I remember correctly the property owner requested a change to unlimited residential water service from commercial service a year and a half ago. I don’t think we were ever told what the final decision was, the paperwork and discussion was confused to say the very least. But I think we should have a problem if four residences are able to operate off of a single unlimited residential account. At the time there was never mention that this was a multi-unit property. Anybody know what the status of this property is with respect to water billing?

There’s more but you will need to head over to Town’s website to see the whole package, actually two separate files, here’s the link. See you Tuesday evening.

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