The item of most interest for this meeting of Council is the move to Wednesday night, with Canada Day falling on the Tuesday. Otherwise the meeting is a bit of snooze in terms of critical or controversial items.

4.3 – Letter. A request to keep the Smelter Wharf clear of salt for the months of July and August. A reasonable request but one the Town will not be able to grant given the contractual agreement with the salt company, the nasty weather that limited salt deliveries last Fall and the huge demand last winter.

9.1.1 – Resolution. A proposal from the Powassan Eagles to use the Bobby Orr Community Centre for their 2014-15 adult league team. It seems a reasonable request that will make better use of the facility and provide some additional rental income.

9.3.1 – Direction. Follow up actions with respect to the rules of conduct for Town Boards and Committees. Presumably it will protect the interests of the Town and volunteers. Damage is already done; better late than never I guess.

9.4.2 – Resolution. The Town’s audited consolidated financial statements for last year are being presented for Council approval. The numbers look good, a result of the work of Staff and Council. It is recommended reading for those wishing to understand the financial statement details. The resolution provides a good explanation of the variances, positive and negative.

9.5.1 – Direction. An interesting issue regarding drainage at certain Isabella/Marion Street addresses. The proposal calls for one of the property owners to cost-share with the Town for drainage improvements related to new construction. Drainage issues in Town seem to be an ongoing issue of contention with this appearing to be the approach the Town plans to take going forward rather than sticking it’s head in the ditch.

9.5.2 – Resolution. This would permit the company involved with the building of the new public school to be exempted from local noise by-law restrictions for work on Sunday and statutory holidays.

9.5.3 – Resolution. This concerns a $269,000 contract to build a new Maintenance Facility and Cold Mix Shed. The bids ranged from $269,000 to $750,000. I wonder what the difference was/is for such a large difference.

10.5.1 – By-Law. Execution of the agreement with Fowler Construction for the Forest Street reconstruction. You have probably noticed the signs indicating that Forest Street will be closed to through traffic from July until October.

As always there is more to the meeting, but nothing I felt was worth mentioning. Check out the full agenda at the Town’s website for a list of all items and the details.

Leaning Left, Leaning Right and Meeting in the Middle (Parry Sound in Black & White)