A light meeting in terms of content, it lasted until about 8:45 with most of the discussion surrounding item 9.5.1.

Council Reports – a final Annual General Meeting for Parry Sound Power will be held July 16th at 5:00 PM. I didn’t catch the location.

4.5 – Deputation. Parry Sound Tourism. There was a presentation of the new for-profit organization, Parry Sound Tourism, and it’s objectives with respect to promoting Parry Sound. It seems to be a professional operation and I suspect it will have as much or more impact on promoting the surrounding communities and businesses as it will the Town of Parry Sound. We are the ‘gateway’ but we really don’t have the attractions. There was an ask of $10,000 to support a sponsored video on Parry Sound, more reasonably the West Parry Sound area, that would attract more than 700,000 online views in the first week. Interesting, but I’m skeptical. I remember being pitched while in high tech the sponsorship of a video on our company’s technology that would be hosted by Leonard Nimoy (Mr. Spock himself). Interesting but in the end we declined because we had never heard of the program. If you don’t recognize it, does it really have an impact? I think it’s the same here. Perhaps Council might consider tossing in a couple thousand dollars if the neighbouring municipalities do the same. We really are selling an area not a town. It’s also ‘not in the budget’.

4.3 – Letter. Request to keep the Smelter Wharf clear of salt for the months of July and August. FORWARDED to STAFF & COUNCIL. It was noted that Sifto is in compliance with the existing agreement. Nothing can reasonably be done to limit the salt pile, also known as the great shifting pyramid of Parry Sound.

9.1.1 – Resolution. Proposal from Powassan Eagles to use the Bobby Orr Community Centre for their 2014-15 adult league team. CARRIED.

9.3.1 – Direction. Committee to draft rules of conduct for Town Boards and Committees. CARRIED. Councillors Paul Borneman and Brad Horne were appointed to the committee.

9.4.2 – Resolution. Acceptance of Parry Sound’s audited consolidated financial statements for 2013. CARRIED. Some discussion ensued and it was noted that the financial statements are quite different in format than the budget statements.

9.5.1 – Direction. Drainage issue at Isabella/Marion Street. POSTPONED. This issue tied up Council in terms of the proper action to follow and the precedent it might establish. This is potentially an expensive issue that Council wants to understand more clearly. Staff was tasked with providing to Council a report on what other communities are doing with respect to drainage issues that arise from new infill construction. The question really is whether it is the responsibility of the Town or the property owner to remediate any issues caused by new construction or lot grading changes. This issue will be taken up again at the next meeting of Council on the 15th.

9.5.2 – Resolution. Noise by-law exemption for road construction related ot the new school. CARRIED. Council and Staff were very critical of the company doing the construction work. They have consistently ignored their own timelines and missed deadlines. Council approved sending a letter of complaint to the Near North School Board.

9.5.3 – Resolution. A $269,000 contract to build a new Maintenance Facility and Cold Mix Shed. CARRIED. Council expressed concern that the transfer of funds from the James Street pedestrian crossing budget to cover the higher cost of the project would negatively impact the crossing, but were assured there would not be an issue.

10.5.1 – By-Law. Agreement with Fowler Construction for the Forest Street reconstruction. CARRIED.

That’s pretty much all that went down at the meeting. Cogeco wasn’t there to record the meeting so you’ll need to refer to the meeting minutes and Moose-FM and North Star reporting for additional details.

Digging In (Parry Sound in Black & White)