It turned out to be a shorter meeting and might have been even shorter if were not for three unscheduled deputations. A couple of them (5.2, 5.3) proved to be ‘interesting’, both in their content and Council’s reaction. There is more below.

Items worth noting that arose in either the Councillors’ reports or questions of Staff included:

  1. Doors Open Parry Sound Parry Sound is on for September 27th from 10:00 to 4:00. The focus this year is on Parry Sound’s contributions and sacrifices in the Great War (World War I) and the Town’s waterfront, past and present. Information is available at
  2. The retaining wall behind the Fire Station is progressing, and should be completed within the next three weeks.

Items discussed at Council included:

5.1 – Deputation. The Friendship Centre of Parry Sound. A short information presentation to make Council and the public aware of the services and support offered by the Centre, with a focus on the needs of Urban Aboriginals. Council and the public were invited to drop by and visit the facility on Bowes Street.

5.2, 5.3 – Deputations. Concerning a right-of-way for 47 Marion Avenue. Two deputations, one for and one against re-opening Council’s decision regarding their recent right-of-way approval. After considering the arguments Council decided that there was insufficient reason to reconsider their earlier decision endorsing the right-of-way. Council noted that they did not have the authority to grant the right-of-way but merely could make a recommendation to the planning board.

9.1.1 – Resolution. External EMS Efficiency and Effectiveness Review. CARRIED. Council approved a $49,500 contract with Performance Concepts to provide a review of the District’s EMS services with special attention to service in the Argyle area. 

9.3.1 – Resolution. 2013 Investment Report. CARRIED. The Finance Department will be investigating opportunities to improve yields on the Town’s cash reserves consistent with provincial legislation.

10.1.1 – By-Law. Paramedicine Funding. CARRIED. This is an agreement between the Town and the Province for funding to support a paramedicine program. The program apparently will study an extension of EMS personnel services beyond their current scope.

10.3.1 – By-Law. Town of Parry Sound Website Redesign. CARRIED. The Town contracted with eSolutions of Waterloo to revamp the Town’s website. The site is to be launched by mid-February 2015.

10.5.1 – By-Law. Declaration of Surplus Land – 71 Parry Sound Road. CARRIED. This starts the process of ‘selling’ the 23 acre tract of land at 71 Parry Sound Drive to GK York Management Services for residential property development. The Town is apparently unable to ‘direct’ the type of development, affordable, subsidized, etc., but were able to confirm that the developers intend to donate some land to Habitat for Humanity.

A nod to Council candidate Doug McCann, he’s now two for two in attending the most recent council meetings. I saw none of the other candidates on stage last Thursday at the meeting, except for course of those currently serving on Council. If you can’t drag your sorry ass out on a reasonably mild September evening what ……

The full minutes of the meetings are of course available at the Town’s website no later than Friday. Moose-FM will have had short updates earlier today and the North Star will have coverage online and in print. So there is no excuse to not be an informaed voter.

Building the Wall with Lego Blocks? (Parry Sound in Black & White)