and it will be reported.

Next week, September 30th, starting at 6:00 there will be a Special Open Meeting of Parry Sound Council with a published agenda of:

  1. 3rd Quarterly Key Performance Objectives & Financial Summary
  2. Budget Planning

This is the type of meeting any ‘serious’ candidate for Parry Sound Town Council should attend. It’s basically a great way to get an idea of the Town’s key priorities and to be introduced to the 2015 budget.

I’m beginning to wonder about some of the candidates running for Council. Is running for Council their way to get “Fifteen Minutes of Fame” and their name in the media without having to commit a felony or do any type of noteworthy community service?

To date only Doug McCann has attended Council meetings to watch the proceedings and take notes. I thought it was common practice for Council hopefuls to attend at least a few meetings before the election. If you can’t get your sorry butts out to several council meetings prior to the election when you are applying for the job how do you expect to make time after you are elected? Serving on Council is more than attending meetings twice a month. There are the closed meetings that start at 6:00, the special meetings, the local committee meetings, the meet and greets, the regional meetings, and more. If you want to know a little more about how much is involved and what you are making on an hourly basis check out my earlier post.

It’s a bit like applying for a front office job with the Blue Jays or the Maple Leafs. “So you’ve attended how many games?” You can imagine the person getting the job didn’t say, “None, but I think I’m brilliant and the best candidate, and I represent a change.” Come on candidates, show us that you care. From what I can tell none of you have sat on many Town committees or done anything of particular note in terms of community service. But I could be wrong, leave a comment and let us know what I’m missing.

So I will be taking attendance and posting the results next Wednesday. And I’ll continue taking attendance at every public meeting of Council leading up to the election. You might want to check in with me to be sure I don’t miss you. You need to arrive pretty much on time and stay to the very end to get a check by your name.

Actually this post is a bit of a cheat. The meeting wasn’t posted on the Town’s homepage as of this morning so you needed to be ‘wired into the system’ or paying attention to Town business to know about it. But if you are running for Council you didn’t need this cheat because you are doing your homework, aren’t you?

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