As mentioned in the preview notes I did not attend the most recent meeting of Council. Here is my takeaway of the items of most interest to me based on the minutes provided by the Town.

9.1.1 – Resolution. Francis Pegahmagabow Commemoration Location. CARRIED. But I am confused. Apparently Council approved a new site for the commemorative statue, but made no note of where it was in the Council Minutes. I will follow up on Monday and find out where it is. I was unable to find any further information with a search of the Town’s website. I guess there is no problem with a last minute change, but there should be a way to let people know what it is if it’s not in the Council Agenda Package.

9.2.1 – Resolution. CBDC’s Request for Funding to Assist with Business Growth & Competitiveness. POSTPONED.

9.5.1 – Direction. 2015 OPP Billing for Police Services. CARRIED.

10.1.1 – By-law. James St. and Mary St. All Way Stop. CARRIED. No complaints, but how does the sign go up before the by-law is passed? In the questions of Staff at the start of the meeting it was mentioned that the sign was up and some motorists had failed to notice it and were driving right through. And then later in the meeting they passed the by-law to authorize (allow?) the sign. I’m a little confused about the order of things.

If you have any question regarding these issues check out my earlier preview post (just scroll down), or head over to the Parry Sound website and take a look at the meeting agenda package.

Artists Round the Skate Park. (Parry Sound in Four Colour)