The Town has posted the first draft of the 2015 Parry Sound budget. It’s a very complete and detailed document amounting to 178 pages. It’s available at the Town’s website through this link. I’m also hosting the budget document here in case that’s easier for folks to access. It’s a big document and I’ve just taken a quick look at it. Comments will follow in the days leading up to the council meeting focused on the 2015 Draft Budget.

That meeting, which isn’t posted up on the Town’s website, is open to the public. I understand that there will be an opportunity for tax payers to pitch and/or support budget items at that session by means of deputations. While impromptu deputations have traditionally been accepted I would suggest contacting the Town office and letting them know if you plan to speak.

The budget meeting will be held on January 13th, starting at 6:00. Because the deputations are only accepted at the start of council meetings I suggest you be there at 6:00 and not expect to be able to make a statement later. The meeting is at the Parry Sound Town Hall, access is at the Gibson Street entrance. You can of course contact one or more of the Town Councillors and give them your input at any time.

Take the time to review the budget, it’s more complete and transparent than ever before. In the absence of a Citizen’s Finance Committee everyone needs to pick up the slack and make sure the Town is making the best investments with our tax money and preparing properly for the future.

Budget Tip – Don’t Miss the Trees for the Forest (Parry Sound in Black & White)