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I did not attend the meeting this past week so I am relying on the official minutes of the meeting for the material below.

Here are the items that initially caught my attention, plus a couple of late additions.


4.1 – Letter. Logan’s of Parry Sound. Concerns regarding the proposed street closure from 8:00am-1:00pm every second Sunday for the months of June, July August and September 2015. Forwarded to Staff and Council.

4.2 – Letter. Concerns that fluoridation of the municipal water supply may be removed as Canadian dental and public health authorities continue to support the fluoridation of drinking water for good health and well being. Forwarded to Staff and Council.


There were a couple of unscheduled deputations. One concerned Item 9.3.1, the rezoning requested by Waltmar Inc. The second presented information regarding a potential bonspiel in support of the Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services Group.

Consent Agenda

8.2 – Resolution. OPP Billing Model – Unorganized Townships. A letter to be sent to Queen’s Park in support of implementing a billing method for properties in unorganized townships. CARRIED.

Resolutions and Direction to Staff

9.1.1 – Resolution. Transfer to Reserves for 2014 Capital Project Carry Forwards. CARRIED.

9.2.1 – Resolution. Commitment and Endorsement of Quality Management System. CARRIED.

9.3.1 – Direction. Rezoning Application – Z14-06 – Waltmar Inc. – 2 Oastler Park Drive. This is the dock company across from Sobey’s on Old 69. The documentation in the minutes suggests that Council generally was in support in extending a temporary zoning exemption through December 2016, but decided to defer a final decision until the next meeting of Council. Staff is directed to return with a report on the driveway relocation at that same meeting. DEFERRED.

9.5.1 – Resolution. 2014 Election Accessibility Report to Council. CARRIED.

9.5.2 – Resolution. Annual Integrity Commissioner’s Report – 2014. CARRIED.

9.5.3 – Direction. 2015 Strategic Planning Process. CARRIED.

9.5.4 – Resolution. Council, Board and Committee Training – Closed Meetings; Code of Conduct, Committee Policies. CARRIED.

9.6.1 – Direction. Cost estimate for sidewalks near the new public school. A late addition to the agenda this directs Staff to secure a plan and cost estimate for the sidewalks. CARRIED.


10.2.1 – Vianet Agreement. CARRIED.

10.3.1 – Disposal of Surplus Lands: 125 William Street. CARRIED.

10.3.2 – Agreement for the delivery of Services to Former OSPCA Property. CARRIED.

10.4.1 – Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with West Parry Sound Health Centre and North Bay Parry Sound Health Unit. CARRIED.

10.2.2 – Shared By-law Enforcement Services with the Township of the Carling. CARRIED.

There was more; check the Town’s website (the new site should be launched in a couple of weeks) for a full copy of the minutes, but there is nothing I consider to be ‘material’. Next up is the budget discussion on Tuesday. It starts early, 5:00, so if you have something to say you had best be there when it starts and there is, in theory at least, an opportunity to provide a deputation. Arrive late and the opportunity will have passed and ‘it don’t get opened for no one’ 😉

Not What You Might Think. The Hole Has a Quite Different Purpose. 
(Parry Sound in Black & White)