The updated budget document is available at the Town’s website as a link through the February 10th meeting. It’s there, just follow the crumbs, I mean hyperlinks.

I would like to offer an analysis, but I am traveling on business this week and will be engaged in other matters. A quick look at the document indicates that the Town is looking at a 5% tax increase in 2015. That would be in addition to any increases related to assessments, which are likely.

Take a look at the budget, I don’t think there is anything in it that is unreasonable. Residents are asking for more services and that comes at a cost. We saw council last year decide to forgo the recommended 2% increase in an election year to give tax payers a break. The OPP savings really haven’t materialized, so Council has little recourse, raise taxes or deny service improvements.

Read the document and let Council know what you feel is worth investing in, and what isn’t. No yelling please; Staff and Council are competent and caring, and there seems little attempt to hide or sugarcoat the numbers.

I’ll continue looking at the budget and may have more to offer by early Tuesday.

Not the Budget Hot Seat (Parry Sound in Colour)