Here is a link to a compilation of all of the Parry Sound council meeting minutes for 2014.

Using the Adobe Acrobat search tools it’s possible to quickly find mentions of issues and items that were included in the council meeting minutes. The Town’s website does not offer this service. With the compiled minutes once an item is found it’s a straightforward matter to determine the date the issue was before Council and their decision. In those cases you want more information, or the supporting documentation, you can use the date of the Council meeting to track down the agenda package on the Town’s website. (Note: this link to the council meeting agendas may be revised as soon as April 2015. The Town is rebuilding their website and it’s almost a sure thing that page addresses will have changed. But it should be a simple matter to track the documents down at the new website if you have the date of the meeting.)

It would have been nice to compile the council meeting agenda’s but it would have been too large to host and download – on the order of a half gigabyte or so.

Let me know if you have trouble tracking down any information related to the agenda or minutes, I may be able to help.