Well it seems to have been a light meeting, that was perhaps because too much went on behind closed doors. I note that the meeting minutes included two items, one of which – Item 7.3, I’m petty certain didn’t need to be behind closed doors. I’ve asked for an explanation on the thinking behind this type of secrecy.

The only surprises from reading the minutes, besides the closed session items, is that a couple of items were withdrawn. They are noted below.

Update/correction – I suggested in an earlier post that Metroland Media might have given the parry sound.ca domain to the Town. This is not the case. The domain parrysound.ca along with all similar community domains using the .ca suffix were set aside by the federal government when the .ca suffix was offered to the public.

4.1 – Letter – Glen Murray, Minister, Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) Re: Thank you letter for the Town’s delegation at Ontario Good Roads Association Conference regarding the remediation of the Brownfield sites at the former Imperial Oil properties and the Waterfront Development Concept Plan. Circulated and Forwarded to CAO.

5.1 – Bernadette and Erick Phillis, residents of Seguin. Re: Lack of public transportation in Parry Sound. Withdrawn. I believe this is the second time it has been withdrawn.

5.3 – Howard Wesley. Re: Booth Street Park. This concerned the rehabilitation and upgrade to the park and is on the agenda as Item 9.1.1.

Ratification of Matters From Closed Agenda
7.2 – Response to the Notice of Surplus Lands from the Near North District School Board (William Beatty and Victory Schools). That an offer to bid on William Beatty School and Victory School from the Near North District School Board by the Town of Parry Sound, be declined. Carried.

7.3 – Town Dock – Small Craft Harbours – Engineering Inspection. That upon the recommendation of the Waterfront Advisory Committee, Council request Small Craft Harbours to fund an independent third party engineering review of the Town Dock. The review is to define ‘bringing the Dock up to standard’, along with a life cycle plan for all dock components. Carried. I wonder why this wasn’t an item for discussion and review at the open session of Council. It’s important that Council not be encouraged to start ‘hiding’ things behind closed doors. It’s a problem faced by many communities, let’s keep it out of Parry Sound. I’ll let you know what the Town provides as an explanation.

Resolutions and Direction to Staff
9.1.1 – Booth St. Park Transformation. Resolution. That the proposed plan for the transformation of Booth St. Park as presented to Council at its May 5, 2015 meeting be approved. Carried.

9.4.1 – Parry Sound Beerfest: Noise By-law relief. Resolution. Withdrawn. That’s a surprise, this is a town that likes and appreciates beer. No mention is made on whether it will be added to a future meeting of Council.

9.4.2 – Joint Promotion/Marketing Plan – Former Shell Property. That upon the recommendation of the Waterfront Advisory Committee, Council direct staff to work with the owner of the former Shell property to develop a joint marketing/promotion plan in an effort to attract development to the site. Direction. Carried.

9.5.1 – EMS Operational Review. That as recommended by the EMS Advisory Committee the Evidence Based Review of System Planning & Deployment (Operational Review) by Performance Concepts be accepted by the Town of Parry Sound, as attached Schedule “A”. Resolution. Carried. Council also directed the Director of Emergency and Protective Services to engage effected stakeholders in implementing recommendation #2 of the report in the immediate future and that recommendations #1 and #3 be developed for consideration through the EMS Business Plan for 2016 implementation. 

10.4.1 – FedNor Funding Agreement: Regional Marketing Plan. Being a By-law to authorize the execution of a funding agreement with Industry Canada/FedNor for the development of a Regional Marketing Plan. Carried.

10.4.2 – Festival of the Sound: Lease Agreement/Stockey Centre. Being a By-law to authorize the execution of a lease agreement with the Festival of the Sound for the Charles W. Stockey Centre for the Performing Arts. Carried.

10.4.1 – By-law to Prohibit Smoking. Being a By-law to prohibit smoking in and within twenty (20) metres from any entrance or exit of a building owned or leased by the Town of Parry Sound and in or within 20 metres of any municipal outdoor public place as defined in Schedule A to this bylaw and to repeal Bylaw 2012-6087. Postponed. Council wants information on how ‘this went’ down in Huntsville before making a decision.

Remember, the full minutes are available at the Town’s website as is the meeting agenda without attachments. The complete meeting agenda package, with attachments, is available at this website through the TOPS Council Agendas page.

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