Another packed agenda with a variety of new and postponed issues. Council members will need to choose their issues wisely if they hope to get through the agenda in a timely fashion.

The big issue on the agenda relates to the proposed ATV By-law (Item 10.3.1) permitting ATV traffic on specific streets. I believe the By-law is flawed, but I support it as written. Let’s give it a try for a year and assess what changes might be useful. A number of the residents of William Street object to the route based on concerns about neighbourhood disruption (Item 4.2). There is a question of whether the ATV path should or shouldn’t make use of the 100 metres or so the Rotary Algonquin Regiment Fitness Trail as it crosses the Seguin River (Items This is a portion of the trail that we share with snow machines in the winter, and they travel much faster than ATVs. I have not found this to be an issue, people are courteous in confined spaces. I would prefer a path that bypasses the trail and proceeds directly down River Street to William Street, but this raises issues of safety and commerce. I know some people are worried that the Great North Road/Bowes Street intersection, and the high traffic levels. I suspect this really won’t be an issue, there won’t be hundreds of ATVs at a time running through Parry Sound. This isn’t Thunder Run. The bigger issue for me concerns where the ATVs can park if a River Street option is chosen. I’m sure that many of them would like to park and stop for lunch or dinner. The Rotary Algonquin Regiment Fitness Trail option leads to the Bobby Orr Community Centre where it’s easy to imagine the bikes can park and people can walk up to the Downtown for a meal or refreshments.

Staff seems to have found a reasonable compromise allowing the Parry Sound Islanders to use the Bobby Orr Community Centre. It seems that while the Islanders are a successful hockey team, they still stink, and new ventilation needs to be installed to handle the issue. (Items 5.3, 9.3.4)

June will see a couple of Parry Sound supported events. This starts with the Rotary Dragon Boat Festival on June 11 (Item 9.3.6), followed ten days later with the unveiling of the Francis Pegahmagabow Commemoration on the 21st (Items 9.3.5, 9.6.1)

Not to be forgotten, it seems the William Street reconstruction is set to get started with the awarding of a contract to Fowler Construction (Item 9.2.1). Let’s hope there aren’t as many surprises as there were with the Forest Street project. At least there’s no rail lines to cross.


4.1 – Jean Scott, 46 Church Street. Re: Opposed to Zoning By-law amendment regarding the old William Beatty School citing decrease in property values, too dense, increased traffic, reduction of parking on Rosetta, reduction of green space, the high number of parking spaces and reduced size of the spaces, lack of dock loading facility and overload of existing sewer and water.

4.2 – Petition from Williams Street residents (38 names). Re: Opposition to the ATV route suggested along William Street.

4.5 – Wendall Fisher, Chair, Parry Sound Area Active Transportation. Re: Opposed to the use of the Rotary/Algonquin Regiment Fitness Trail as part of the proposed route for ATVs and suggests an all road option from William Street to Cascade Street to River Street and then to Great North Road.


5.1 – George Burton, President Canadore College. Re: Update on activities of Canadore College

5.2 – Malcolm Fraser, resident. Re: ATV Route

5.3 – Ken Thomas, Jack Sportsgroup: GMHL Jr. A Team – Parry Sound Islanders. Re: Proposal for the Parry Sound Islanders to use the Bobby Orr Community Centre

Resolutions and Direction to Staff

9.2.1 – Tender – William Street Reconstruction. Resolution. That upon the recommendation of C.C. Tatham and Associates, Council award the tender for William Street Reconstruction to Fowler Construction Company Limited, in the amount of $2,847,315.78, plus HST, this tender being the lowest tender of two tenders received.

9.3.2 – Proposed ATV Thoroughfare through Town. Resolution. That upon the recommendation of the Waterfront Development Advisory Committee, Council defeat the proposed ATV route as it relates to use of the Fitness Trail.

9.3.4 – Proposal from Jack Sportsgroup: GMHL Jr. A Team. Resolution. That the agreement proposed from Jack Sports Group for use of the Bobby Orr Community Centre, per the attached Schedule “A”, be denied.

The following new resolution is proposed: That Council approve the following as renegotiated terms with Jack Sports Group, for the use of the Bobby Orr Community Centre.

  • $10, 000 payment up front for facility usage, invoices to be deducted as incurred • Reduction in day time hourly rate $70/hr + HST for practices. If the day-time ice

can be sold at the Council established rate, the practice would be cancelled (provided five (5) days notice.

  • Ice time hourly rental rate for games $124/hr + HST (rental rate will fluctuate January 1st, 2017 based on the Consumer Price Index)
  • Hall and meeting room rental rates at the Council established rates
  • Provide approval for a qualified contractor to install a ventilation system in dressing room 8; an expense to be split between the Team and the Town
  • Provide approval for a qualified locksmith to install new locks on interior doors, and re-key the laneway exit door, and room 8; an expense to be split between the Team and the Town
  • Term of use five (5) years, renewal is based on a review of the impacts of the previous season

9.3.5 – One Time Events Grant: Francis Pegahmagabow Commemoration 2016 Unveiling. Resolution. That Council approve the One Time Event Grant allocation to the Francis Pegahmagabow Commemoration 2016 Unveiling, per attached Schedule “A”.

9.3.6 – 2016 Rotary Dragon Boat Festival. Resolution. Resolution. That Council approve the request from the Parry Sound Dragon Boat Festival to host the 15th annual Parry Sound Dragon Boat Festival fund-raising event on Saturday June 11, 2016 at Waubuno Beach and Park from 8am – 9pm, by waiving fees for park usage as well as waiving the rental fee for the bleacher unit; and That Council approve the use of an ATV (insured and licensed driver) on the Rotary and Algonquin Regiment Fitness trail for the purpose of equipment transportation on Saturday June 11th from 7am – 9pm.

9.6.1 – Reception for Heads of Council-WPS and Chiefs of Georgian Bay First Nations – June 20, 2016. Resolution. Whereas as the Francis Pegahmagabow commemorative statue unveiling is taking place on June 21, 2016 at the Stockey W. Centre for the Performing Arts; and Whereas from the beginning of this project Council and staff for the Town of Parry Sound have provided support for this project commemorating the most highly decorated First Nation’s soldier in WWI Corporal Francis Pegahmagabow; and Whereas a number of First Nation’s officials and Chiefs will be attending the ceremony on June 21st at the Stockey Centre; and Whereas the Mayor, in the spirit of the occasion, has offered to host a reception at the Stockey Centre the evening before, on June 20, 2016, for National Chief Parry Bellegarde, the Chiefs of Georgian Bay First Nations and the Heads of Council for the West Parry Sound area; Now, Therefore Be It Resolved that in the spirit of regional co-operation, Council for the Town of Parry Sound approves the event and the approximate expense of $1,120.00 for hosting this reception against the tax stabilization reserve


10.3.1 – ATV By-law. Being a By-law to permit and regulate the operation of “Off Road Vehicles” on Town of Parry Sound Municipal Highways.
Direction (For Direct Staff Follow-Up): That this be considered as a one-year pilot and a report be brought back to Council November 2016, and March of 2017.

I will be there Tuesday night. The full agenda package is now available at the Town’s website or through the link in the top menu at this site (

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