Summer break is over, back on your head. There are a variety of issues up for discussion, nothing particularly critical in my opinion, but many that are interesting. I offer some thoughts in the sections below. There is more on the agenda than I have listed below. Check out the full agenda at the Town’s website or the link at (top menu under TOPS AGENDA PACKAGES)..


4.1 – A. Edwards, 79 Gibson Street – August 2, 2016. Re: concerns about former William Beatty School property.
Oh dear. Much effort has gone into drafting this letter to Council concerning at least one resident’s objection to the redevelopment of William Beatty School. I was starting to feel some empathy for their position as I read the letter until I came across the repeated use of the word “blight” to refer to the new development. We need to realize that different people have different needs. I am not so pessimistic about the potential of this project, especially because it is multiuse, and there are several parties interested in ensuring that it meets standards of maintenance and security. It’s no fun being Municipal Staff or Council, everyone is your boss in one way or another. Time for this gentleman to share his concerns with OMB. I think that they will applaud the decision to create centrally located affordable housing using established infrastructure. I think Mr. Edwards realizes that and doesn’t like it, at all.

4.5 – B. Brisbane, Moose on the Loose Food Company – August 24, 2016. Re: Concerns with by-law dealing with their signs.
Sign, sign, everywhere a sign, junking up the scenery, ruining my mind. Of course you want to be able to put up your signs to direct people to your business, but so would every other business in Parry Sound. How much is enough, and how much is too much? The Town currently has a bylaw covering signage. Moose on the Loose needs to be preparing for 2017, right now, if they want to get the type of free advertising they are looking for. Personally, I hate these sandwich type signs. Junks up the scenery, distracts my driving.


5.2 – Shawna Woods & Ian Little, William Street residents. Concerning cleanup of the Salt Docks.
This is not regarding cleaning up the mess that sometimes appears on the Smelter Wharf, but rather the garbage that has been tossed into the water. It’s September 16th, and looks like the type of community service that we should all applaud.

Resolutions and Direction to Staff

9.1.1 – August 2016 Key Performance Objectives Update. Resolution. That the August, 2016 Strategic Plan Implementation Update Report attached be approved.
This is a must read item for anyone interested in the status of the Town’s 2016 objectives. Yeah, I’ll take a look at it and report later this week on the more notable items.

9.1.2 – Ontario 150 Celebration Capital Grant Application. Resolution. That Council approves the submission of an Ontario 150 Community Capital Program grant application for the repair and replacement of roofing and siding at the Charles W. Stockey Centre for the Performing Arts & Bobby Orr Hall of Fame.
This is a project that seems to fit the grant criteria. The request is for $350,000. An original suggestion of a grant application to upgrade the Rotary Algonquin Regiment Fitness Trail for $150,000, was shelved in favour of the Stockey Centre proposal. While we are throwing around the these tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars for grant or budget consideration, how about investing a few thousand on upgrading the landscaping at the Stockey Centre? It’s a disgrace. Between the plantings and the sick looking grass, the place looks as though it was built on a contaminated oil farm.

9.1.3 – Town Office Landscaping. Resolution. That the Town Office Parkette Landscaping Plan as attached be approved and that $3,800 cost be financed from the Town Office Building Reserve.
So we have money for this but not the Stockey Centre? A world class performance facility with grounds that are reminiscent of a run-down urban tenement area.

9.1.4 – Town / Seguin Boundary Adjustment. Resolution. That lands identified in Schedule ‘A’ attached be proposed to be included within the boundaries of the Town and that negotiations be entered into with Seguin Township using as a template for guidance, the 2012 draft Boundary Adjustment Agreement. Direction: (For Direct Staff follow up)

That the Town’s representatives on the negotiating team be:

Mayor Jamie McGarvey, Councillor _______________, Councillor _______________ Taylor Elgie, Principal Planner, Rob Mens, CAO

This makes sense. If the Town is seriously thinking about investing in developing Parry Sound Road through to Oastler Road, it needs to get some payback from property on both sides of the road. Seguin might just be willing to give up the property if Parry Sound assumes the responsibility for the majority of the cost and the rail crossing. You win some and you lose some. Let’s see how this goes. There is a new Council in Seguin who might not be as inclined to throw a spanner into the works. I am surprised that Council and Staff seem prepared to get back on after having been thrown off. That type of determination can pay off.

9.2.1 – POA Write-Offs. Resolution. That Council for the Town of Parry Sound, hereby approves the write-offs for the Provincial Offences Act Court outlined in Schedule “A” attached.
The amount is almost $50,000 and as suggested in the report the cost to collect exceeds the expected return. Some of these collectables date to before 1980. This write-off is shared with other area municipalities in West Parry Sound.

9.3.1 – Tenders – 4-Wheelers. Resolution. That Council accepts the tender from Seguin Marina for one (1) 2016 Polaris Sportsman 450 EPS 4-wheeler in the total amount of $8,661.40, including taxes and the trade-in of one (1) 2002 Yamaha Kodiak 4-wheeler, this tender being the lowest tender of two (2) tenders received; and further, That Council accepts the tender from Seguin Marina for one (1) 2016 Polaris Sportsman 450 EPS 4-wheeler in the total amount of $7,192.40, including taxes and the trade-in of one (1) 2007 Yamaha Kodiak 4-wheeler, this tender being the lowest tender of two (2) tenders received.
Be sure to have Staff wear helmets and above all else, do not lend the machines to Seguin councillors. At least one of them doesn’t understand the concept of personal responsibility.

9.3.2 – Service Line Warranties of Canada Program. Resolution. Whereas residential property owners are responsible for the maintenance of the buried water and sewer lines that run from the municipality’s infrastructure to the exterior of their home; And whereas these lines can require maintenance or fail over time due to normal wear and tear; And whereas Local Authority Services (LAS) endorsed Service Line Warranties of Canada as a preferred service provider of sewer and water line warranty services; And whereas the Town wishes to make such a service available to residents of the Town of Parry Sound; Therefore, be it resolved that Council of the Town of Parry Sound endorses the Sewer and Water Line Warranty service offered by Service Line Warranties of Canada (SLWC); And further that Council direct staff to bring forward a by-law to execute an agreement with SLWC related to the marketing of the Sewer and Water Line Warranty Services to municipal serviced residents.
I didn’t realize that the lateral water and sewer lines are the homeowners responsibility in case of failure. The proposed annual insurance fee for a residence would be $137 per year for both water and sewer. Feeling lucky?

9.4.1 – Regional Marketing Plan Approval. Resolution. That on the recommendation of the Regional Economic Development Advisory Committee (REDAC), Council adopts the Regional Marketing Plan attached; and Whereas the Town has already made a 2016 contribution to CiiNO, the agency responsible for the implementation of the Regional Marketing Plan recommendations, further funding from the Town for Year 1 implementation will not be required.
A must read, both the R&R and the accompanying REDAC Regional Marketing Plan. It makes some honest statements, “death by a thousand cuts”, and “seven dwarves but no Snow White”. (Actually there are only five dwarves, Dopey and Grumpy decided not to participate.) I’ll take a look at this over the next couple of weeks and pass along my thoughts.

9.4.2 – 116 Bowes – Sign Variance (2016). Resolution. That the Chief Building Official is authorized and directed to issue a permit for a gravity ground sign, according to conditions and variances listed in Schedule A attached.
Sign, signs, everywhere there’s a sign. You would think with all the e-media technology available that there wouldn’t be a need for signs. But no, we need more signs, bigger signs.

9.4.4 – Request for Proposal: Yvonne Williams Park Dog Park Enclosure. Resolution. That Council accept the proposal from W.S. Morgan Construction Ltd. for the Yvonne William Dog Park Enclosure project in the amount of $16, 060.00 plus H.S.T., this proposal being the only received, and; That Council finance the $6,060.00 budget shortfall from Parks Reserve.
It promises to be a bit bigger and better. Release the hounds.


10.4.3 – Community Improvement Plan – Brownfield Remediation – Reduce Environmentally Unfit Sites Effectively (REUSE) Program. Being a By-law to authorize the execution of a preliminary agreement between Ryan Mercier and the Town of Parry Sound under the REUSE program.
This concerns property on Louisa Street that was the former site of a municipal dump. The Town would agree to subsidize a portion of the costs. There is some concern that the proposal is for redevelopment as residential lots, rather than commercial as specified as under the REUSE Program.

10.4.4 – Community Improvement Plan – Brownfield Remediation – Reduce Environmentally Unfit Sites Effectively (REUSE) Program. Being a By-law to authorize the execution of a preliminary agreement between 1929330 Ontario Ltd. (Trestle Brewing Company Ltd.) and the Town of Parry Sound under the REUSE program.
This concerns the property beside Crofters on Great North Road. Staff feels this better fits the intent of the REUSE Program.

10.4.5  – Site Plan Approval Application – 1793951 Ontario Inc. / Greystone Project Management Inc. – 11 Salt Dock Road. Being a By-law to grant Site Plan Approval and authorize the execution and registration of a development agreement with 1793951 Ontario Inc./Greystone Project Management Inc. – 11 Salt Dock Road.
It looks as though Granite Harbour is getting a major expansion. I find it a bit confusing to understand who or what is going on with the development. A trailer has been moved on site, and the development is now referred to as the Breakers. The development is welcome, but the backstory would be interesting to understand after the project was stalled for a number of years to the chagrin of Parry Sound Council.

10.5.2 – Complimentary Parking – Traffic By-law amendments. Being a bylaw to amend Bylaw 2013-6205, as amended, known as the Traffic Bylaw, a bylaw to regulate and control traffic and parking in the Town of Parry Sound. Further being a bylaw to repeal bylaw 2016-6654, a bylaw amendment from August 9, 2016.
Bylaws to amend bylaws, or bylaws to replace bylaws, or is that to repeal bylaws? I’m confused but free parking remains.

See you at the meeting Tuesday night.

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