The Town of Parry Sound has issued its regular report of progress being made towards Key Performance Objectives (KPO). This flows from the Town’s Strategic Plan. I took some time to review the document and identify items that were interesting or unexpected. The following list follows the order set in the report. Here is a link to the report itself as extracted from the Parry Sound Council Agenda package, with sections highlighted that caught my attention.

Topic / Item Comment
Aquatic / Recreation Centre 1% complete. The delay now is related to the Near North School Board decision on a new site for the K-12 school.
Trail Networks / Links 25% complete. A $10K budget, it is in the process of reforming.
Waterfront 40% complete. This concerns the relocation of the OPP & MNR and development of the waterfront. Next step appears to be reforming the Waterfront Committee which recently lost two key members.
Tourism 50% complete. Organizing the ‘cats’ to provide a regional coordinated tourism offering.
Tourism 100% complete. This concerns the Visitior information Centre at the Stockey Centre. Although it’s marked as complete, my feedback has been that it really isn’t doing a very good job. Anything is better than nothing, but I’m sure the operation will be reviewed and revised after the season is complete.
Industry 100% complete. This refers to a business stimulus plan that was approved by Council in June. Hmmm! I guess the plan is one thing while implementation and results are another.
Housing / Affordable Living 10% complete. The identification and support for local partners to provide these services. A key issue is a zoning bylaw update that requires consultant support.
Support & Pursue Area Cooperation 12% complete. This empowers Staff to dentify and implement opportunities for cooperation with area municipalities. It notes that McDougall has withdrawn from the Trail Link.
Area Identity / Brand 80% complete. This directed to establishing a coordinated brand and marketing of the area (5 area municipalities). The plan has been prepared and is being reviewed at tonight’s meeting of Council. I’ll offer my comments on the plan later this week.
Beautification 75% complete. It seems the major initiative is to get volunteers involved in improving the look of Parry Sound rather than through the use of staff. Does Huntsville and Bracebridge similarly depend solely on volunteers?
Infrastructure William Street, Emily Street – planned and/or ongoing.
Infrastructure (New) Aditional Emily Street development based on possible developer partnership.

Beatty Street extension is listed as a potential project.

Fitness Trail Link Extension – awaits a response from FedNor to support $100K of the funding.

Cascade Generation Project – will require ~$300K to address water main issues.

Great North Road Extension – design and pre-engineering underway.

Champaigne Street – potential project based on possible developer interest.

Communications and Volunteer Development 50% complete. An attempt to revitalize local volunteers, particularly for beautification programs. A volunteer recognition program has been drafted and is being reviewed. Sigh!
Communications 0% complete. Live streaming of council meetings. Interesting and may be included in 2017 budget.
Service Delivery Excellence (Bylaw Organization) 35% complete. This refers to a reorganization of the Bylaw department because of staff reductions.
Service Delivery Excellence (Stockey Centre) 10% complete. It seems the general manager will be retiring and this refers to the succession plan.
Service Delivery Excellence (Outdoor Burning) A new bylaw has been drafted and is being reviewed internally.

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