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There is something in the air in Parry Sound, and it’s not intrigue or scandal, it’s pollen. Those of you who are hay fever sufferers may have noticed that things have changed in the past week. The culprit it seems is ragweed, not goldenrod. Because ragweed often grows in and around goldenrod many people assume that goldenrod is the cause of their misery.

I found a resource for estimating the pollen levels in Parry Sound. The pollen forecast is presented by The Weather Network and relates to Parry Island First Nation (Wasauksing). Interestingly, it does not have a forecast for Parry Sound but I’ll rely on the Parry Island forecast.

The last forecast available this morning seems to have been prepared on the weekend and is likely to be updated later today. The bottom line is that ragweed is high, but is expected to drop today. Let’s hope. You may want to bookmark this webpage and check it from time-to-time.

Allergy Report 2016-09-04