The Town of Parry Sound unveiled an online budget survey a couple of weeks ago to solicit public input as to where residents and businesses would like to see their tax dollars apportioned, and where there should be more, or less, invested.

You can access the calculator through this link.

I have completed the survey and submitted my results. There have been very few responses to date and I would encourage you to take a few minutes, less than ten, to look at the site and submit your thoughts. I think there are opportunities to improve the survey methodology, but it still offers Staff and Council some sense of what people are thinking.

Once you complete and submit your survey results, you will be presented with the results to date. A survey of this sort shouldn’t be a black hole where only the insiders see the results so I’m happy that the public is getting realtime access.

Take a few minutes between innings, or at half time, to check out, and fill out, the survey.