The draft Parry Sound 2017 budget is available for public viewing. It is a longer document, 144 pages, presented in a reasonably easy to digest format. I have gone through the budget document and made some markups on points that caught my attention. I will return to the document for a more detailed review. At this point I intend to forgo any type of review and analysis of the budget pending attendance at the budget meeting on the 29th. (Note: it starts at 6:00 in the council chambers.) I want to see if more detail comes out of the presentation and discussion. There are  plans to include a session open to the public at the conclusion of the meeting to address questions and receive comments.

Here is a link to the Town of Parry Sound 2017 budget at the Town’s website:

Here is a link to my markup of the budget. This includes some notes and highlights of points I found interesting. Feel free to ignore my scratches and just review the Town’s original draft version above. (Note: the green highlights are mine as well as the hen scratches. As I discovered towards the end of the document HHW refers to household hazardous waste.)

Hmmm. Something’s Going On! (Click to Enlarge)