The item of most interest to businesses in Parry Sound will be the recommendation of Staff (Item 9.5.2) to deny the application to move of the Royal Bank from the Mall to the south end big box ‘megaplex’ (kidding). There would be a little bit of irony in having a bank move into the former Easy Home location. I support Staff’s recommendation as an approval would basically undermine the Town’s Official Plan. I have been watching how consultant planners are bit-by-bit nibbling at the Town’s Official Plan. I have no problem with these consultants making recommendations to amend the Official Plan in the context of the review process, not when a client is in need of a change.

There are major changes in the elections process (9.2.1 & 9.2.2) that will impact candidates more than voters. I won’t attempt to summarize the changes or opine on the implications, they are too many and too complicated to easily present properly. I suggest that people take the time to review the agenda package, available at the Town’s website or through this link (it’s a rather large download), especially if they are thinking of running for office.

Closed Session

c) a proposed or pending acquisition or disposition of land for municipal or local board purposes. (Property Purchases)


4.1 – Rick Kerr, resident. Re: Requesting Parry Sound signage at both entrances to Town.

4.3 – Jo Bossart, resident. Re: Suggestions to enhance the public’s budget experience to encourage greater input into the budget process. 4.3an– Response: Trevor Pinn – Responded to Mr. Bossart’s suggestions and outlined ongoing improvements that have been made to the budget process.
I suppose that since it seems only Anne and I attend the budget meetings the request should have been better phrased, ‘to enhance the Bossart’s budget experience’. Several of the requested changes were implemented at the last budget meeting, and from where I sat it made a difference. Thank you.

4.4 – Hans de Vries, Chair of the Habitat for Humanity Steering Committee, Parry Sound Chapter. Re: Mr. de Vries is requesting a waiving of fees for development, variance application and permit fees as well as a reduction in the cost of connecting up sewer and water for an upcoming project scheduled to commence in the spring of 2017.
This shows up again as Item 9.5.4.

4.5 – Tim Dyer, Parry Sound Business Owner. Re: Concerns regarding the relocation of the Royal Bank to the south end of town. He feels it goes against the Town’s own planning policies and principles.

4.6 – Tim Dyer, Parry Sound Business Owner. Re: Concerns regarding the proposed Casino project for the Parry Sound harbour.

4.8 – Glen Hodgson, Chair, West Parry Sound District Museum Board Re: Requesting the 2017 contribution to the Museum on Tower Hill in the amount of $30,900. A 3% increase over last year’s request.


5.1 – Donna Dellio, Chief Executive Officer, Belvedere Heights. Re: Letter and petition provided to Council regarding parking in and around Belvedere Heights.

5.2 – James Gray and Auelio Baglione, Winchester Financial. Re: Proposed Official Plan amendment/Rezoning for the Royal Bank.

5.3 – Dan DiNicolo, Parry Sound Business Owner. Re: Downtown Sustainability.

Resolutions and Direction to Staff

9.1.1, 9.1.2, 9.1.3, 9.1.4 – A series of resolutions related to the EMS 2017 budget and the purchase of equipment for EMS. In total the request is for three new ambulances and sixteen defibrillators, a total of about $760,000.
It’s worth noting that the sixteen defibrillators cost more than the three ambulances.

9.2.1 – Amendments to the Municipal Elections Act, 1996. Resolution. That Council acknowledge receipt of the Report by Jackie Boggs, Town Clerk, entitled “Amendments to the Municipal Election Act, 1996”, attached as Schedule “A”.

9.2.2 – Ranked Ballots – Municipal Elections. Resolution. Whereas the Province of Ontario has passed Bill 181, amendments to the Municipal Election Act, 1996; and Whereas one of the amendments would allow municipalities to implement a ranked balloting system for the upcoming 2018 municipal election; and Whereas the Clerk has provided a Report and Recommendation reviewing Council’s options regarding ranked balloting, attached as Schedule “A”; Therefore, Be it Resolved that Council maintain the existing first-past-the-post-election model for the 2018 municipal election; and Further That the Town Clerk be directed to monitor ranked ballot elections in Ontario and report back to Council with a comprehensive report after the 2018 election.

9.3.1 – General Insurance Renewal December 15th 2016 to December 15th 2017. Resolution. That Council hereby approves the renewal of the Corporation’s general insurance policy for a one year period based on the premium breakdown of $281,670 plus tax, attached as Schedule “A”, for the one year period ending December 15, 2017.

9.4.1 – Pre-budget Approval – Seguin Street Public Washroom. Resolution. That Council authorize pre-budget approval in the amount of $200,000 for the design/build of a new accessible public washroom facility to replace the existing Seguin Street structure.
Direction (For Direct Staff Follow-Up): That the Public Works Director be directed to call for design-build proposals for the replacement of the existing public washrooms at the Gibson St. parking lot.
That’s why we can’t have nice things in Parry Sound, people trash them. The new facility is intended to upgrade the current facility and hopefully deter vandalism. While vandalism of the existing facility has cost about $5,000 this year, the real cost is the distraction of Staff making the repairs and lack of availability of the facility for public use for weeks at a time. Let’s get it started in time for the 2017 tourist season. The Town has made a major investment in the downtown with free parking, let’s get the full benefit of that investment.

9.5.2 – Official Plan Amendment No.1 and Rezoning Application Z16-04 – Jamie Chisholm/Oastler Park Shopping Plaza Limited – 1 Pine Drive. Resolution. That the request for Council to amend the Town’s Official Plan and Amend the Town’s Zoning By-law be denied.

9.5.3 – Consent Application – B/30/2016 (PS) (Georgian Bay Medical Building Co. Ltd. – 57 James Street and 12 Miller Street). Resolution. That Consent Application No. B/30/2016(PS) (Georgian Bay Medical Building Co. Ltd. – 57 James Street and 12 Miller Street), be supported subject to the following conditions:
1. The payment of cash-in-lieu of parkland dedication in the amount of $2,622.00;
2. That the applicant demonstrate compliance with the Town of Parry Sound Zoning By-law 2004-4653 either by amending the consent application, or applying for a minor variance/zoning by-law amendment; and
3. That the proposed right-of-way permit off-site parking in accordance with Section 4.30 (l) of the Town of Parry Sound Zoning By-law 2004-4653.

9.5.4 – Habitat For Humanity – Request for Fee Relief. Resolution. That staff is directed and authorized to arrange for a non-cash donation to Habitat for Humanity in the amount of $3000 according to Schedule “A” attached.


10.5.1 – Community Improvement Plan – Reduce Environmentally Unfit Sites Effectively (REUSE) Program – 9 Great North Road. Being a By-law to authorize the execution of an agreement between 1929330 Ontario Ltd. (Trestle Brewing Company Ltd. – 9 Great North Road) and the Town of Parry Sound under the REUSE program.
Okay guys, no more delays, let’s start digging.

A reminder, the next 2017 Parry Sound Budget Meeting is Tuesday, the 13th, starting at 6:00 PM. I expect that this where most of the decisions will be made. If you have an opinion be sure to contact Staff and Council with your comments prior to the meeting, or it might be too late. There is no opportunity to lob in your comments as part of the meeting, although there should be an opportunity to provide some post meeting input.

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