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This seems to the essence of Item 9.1.1 – Waterfront Casino and Hotel Conference Centre. You can’t win if you don’t enter, and Parry Sound would like to get lucky. In principle there is no downside, Council still needs to hear from the ‘community and ratepayers’ before being in a position to make any type of formal commitment to a casino and the required infrastructure upgrades. At this point I am open minded about the whole project. It’s not in my backyard, and there is no one in my immediate family that has a gambling addiction. Having lived in New Jersey I am familiar with the rise and fall of Atlantic City. It certainly starts out with the best of hopes and intentions.

Another item of economic development interest concerns Items 2.1.1 and 5.1, the Old Fire Hall. With the recent decision by Council to put the Old Fire Hall up for sale it appears from the zoning amendment and the deputation that we may soon have the opportunity to enjoy wood fired pizzas in the Old Fire Hall.

There are a number of additional issues on the agenda that advance and tidy ongoing matters. Comments are provided below in italics.

Public Meeting

2.1.1 – Council will hold a public meeting to consider a proposed Zoning By-law amendment under Section 34 of the Planning Act. The subject property is the old Fire Hall and is located at 25 Mary Street, or the southeast part of Market Square park, Plan No. 2, north side of Mary Street.
The applicant has requested to amend the Special Provision 26.28 (SP26.28) Zone to permit a restaurant, a seasonal outdoor eating space and an accessory liquor licensed premise that is subordinate to the main use. No new structures are proposed and the proposed uses would be within the existing structure. Currently, the Zoning By-law only permits upper floor dwelling units, a retail store, a business or professional office, a medical or dental clinic, a publishing establishment, a club and a public use. The building is currently vacant


4.1 – Bill Millar, McDougall resident. Re: Mr. Millar has some concerns over the proliferation of highway signage on highway #400 in our area.
I agree. At one point I thought about taking photos of all the signs between Parry Sound and the Airport and then hosting an online ‘ugliest sign’ contest. There are some real ‘winners’ in the bunch.

4.4 – Nancy Cunningham, 64 Gibson Street. Re: Although she feels that a restaurant at the old Fire Hall would be a good use of the property she has concerns about noise, lighting, refuse and the façade of the building.

4.5 – Zack Crafts and Nicole Collins, Co-Chairs of Treetops Community Forest Re: Requesting a $10,000 donation to the Treetops Community Forest Project.
I guess this request comes as no surprise.

4.6 – Rebecca Pollock, Manager Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve. Re: Requesting Council’s support for appropriate signage along highway 400 that tourist and residents know that, “You Are Now Entering a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve”.


5.1 – Ben Mascioli, Owner/Operator of Maurizio’s Inc. Re: Revitalization Plans for the Old Fire Hall.

Consent Agenda

8.2 – Resignation from the Parry Sound Downtown Business Association Board of Directors. Resolution. Council accepts, with regret, the resignation of Dan DiNicolo, representing 30K Networks, from the Parry Sound Downtown Business Association Board of Directors, effective immediately. Council extends their thanks and appreciation to Mr. DiNicolo for volunteering his time to the Downtown Business Association.
Well that didn’t last very long. Lead, follow or get out of the way, and don’t take too long making a decision on which it is.

8.4 – Support for Biosphere Reserve Signage along highway #400. Resolution. Whereas Parry Sound is fortunate to be located within a world biosphere reserve designated by the United Nations; and Whereas these UNESCO landscapes should be showcased to tourist and residents alike along the highway #400 corridor using themed area signage; Now, Therefore Be It Resolved That the Mayor be directed to prepare a letter to the Minister of Tourism and Transportation supporting the Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve’s request to have themed signage located along the highway #400 corridor; and Further that a copy of this letter be send to Norm Miller, M.L.A. for Parry Sound-Muskoka.

Resolutions and Direction to Staff

9.1.1 – Waterfront Casino and Hotel Conference Centre. Resolution. That Council support in principle Shawanaga First Nation’s idea of developing a Casino and Hotel Conference Centre on the Town’s waterfront; and That a Public Meeting be held at a future date to allow the public to provide comments regarding the proposed project.

9.1.2 – ATV Update. Resolution. That Council acknowledge receipt of the ATV R&R submitted by Taylor Elgie, Principal Planner, attached as Schedule “A”.
The report is mostly positive with four reports of ATVs on the Rotary Algonquin Regiment Fitness Trail. I have also seen e-bikes with young riders on the trail.

9.4.1 – 2016 Asset Management Plan. Resolution. That Council hereby receives the December 31, 2016 Asset Management Plan for the Town of Parry Sound prepared by Public Sector Digest Inc. Direction (For Direct Staff Follow-Up): That Staff prepare an implementation plan for the Asset Management Plan recommendations and bring back to Council for approval.
A substantial 120-page document that is worth reading from start to finish, but I suspect in the end fewer than five people in total will bother, even if they are paid to do so. This report underlies the recommendation of Staff, and the agreement of Council, to increase the annual levy by 1.8% to build an infrastructure reserve.

9.4.2 – Provincial Offences Act (POA) Court Write-offs. Resolution. That Council for the Town of Parry Sound, hereby approves the write-offs for the Provincial Offences Act Court outlined in Schedule “A” attached.
The total is $6,202.99.

9.6.1 – Belvedere Heights Parking Ad-hoc Committee. Direction. That a Belvedere Parking Ad-hoc Committee be established consisting of:
– two Town representatives
– two Belvedere representatives
– two DSSAB representatives
– two Belvedere neighbourhood residents
That Council appoint Mayor McGarvey, Peter Brown, Director of Public Works and alternate Councillor _______________ to the Belvedere Parking Ad-hoc Committee as the Town’s representatives.


10.1.2 – Site Plan Amendment Application – 1793951 Ontario Inc. / Greystone Project Management Inc. – 11 Salt Dock Road. Being a By-law to grant Site Plan Approval and authorize the execution and registration of a development agreement with The Breakers at Granite Harbour/1793951 Ontario Inc./Greystone Project Management Inc. – 11 Salt Dock Road and repeal By-law 2016-6661.
It looks like business is good and the developers want to add another floor to at least one the of the new buildings.

10.3.1 – By-law to Establish the Parry Sound Public Library and its Composition. By-law 2017 – 6698. Being a By-law for the establishment and composition of a Public Library Board for the Town of Parry Sound.

10.4.1– Appointment of External Auditor. By-law 2017 – 6699. Being a By-law to appoint auditors for the Corporation of the Town of Parry Sound and to repeal By-law 2012-6148.
BDO Canada will be the Town’s new auditors. I’m happy to see the change only because it is good practice to change auditors every five or ten years so that a new set of eyes are looking at the books.

10.4.2 – 2017 Interim Tax Levy. By-law 2017 – 6700. Being a By-Law to provide for an interim tax levy, for the payment of taxes, and for penalty and interest at 1 1/4 percent per month for the 2017 taxation year.

As always, please refer to the full agenda package found at the Town of Parry Sound website for a complete listing of agenda items and the supporting documents. Consider finding the documents at the Town’s website as your daily puzzler. It’s there, you just need to figure out where.

Dang, it looks more like boating season than ice fishing season.