It’s a rather light agenda this week, no letters and only a single deputation. I suggest you take a look at the full agenda package to see if there is anything you feel is important that I might have missed. There are a couple of interesting items:

  1. Item 9.3.1 summarizes the 2017 goals for Parry Sound Staff. This is what is getting done this year. There may be some surprises. Because it’s a published document, but mostly buried, there is no question that the Town has announced its intentions. I have offered a couple of quick observations in my comments to 9.3.1.
  2. A development of 14 townhouses on Ansley Street is up for formal approval, Items 10.1.1 and 10.1.2. This was the subject of considerable neighbourhood comment a couple of years ago, and now seems ready to break ground with the necessary approvals this week.

Closed Session

c) a proposed or pending acquisition or disposition of land for municipal or local board purposes. (Local Business Relocation, Relocation of the Ontario Provincial Police Detachment).
It looks as though the relocation of the OPP is moving forward. I suspect that they are moving to the 229 interchange on Hwy 400.

d) labour relations or employee negotiations. (Performance Review)

Resolutions and Direction to Staff

9.1.1 – Consent Application – B/2/2017 (PS) (Gingrich, Kingshott and Crookshank-Hurd). Resolution. That Consent Application No. B/2/2017(PS) – (Gingrich, Kingshott and Crookshank-Hurd) – 82, 88, 94 and 98 Louisa Street, be supported.

9.3.1 – Staff Goal Plans. Resolution. That the 2017 Staff Key Strategic ‘Stretch’ Goal Summary and the Goal Plan Summary be approved as attached Schedule “A”.
There are a couple of interesting objectives. The first is the installation of live streaming of council meetings. This will make it much easier for folks to follow what’s going on at Council. The production qualities won’t be up to Cogeco, but it will be so much more accessible, and should cover budget meetings that are currently not being covered. The second item is more concerning, and involves the Town’s hope that they can forego Provincial approval of Official Plan Amendments. The recent decision by a bare majority of Council to approve an Official Plan amendment to permit the relocation of the RBC is currently undergoing Provincial review. If the Town can wrest control of Official Plan amendments from the Province it would mean the Town, at their whim, at odds with the Official Plan and even interests of the majority of residents, could make significant changes to Town policy. Thank goodness for the Ontario Municipal Board. Official Plan amendments, in my opinion, should be restricted to those occasions when the Official Plan receives a comprehensive, community involved, overhaul, or with the approval of the Province. Otherwise, we effectively have no Official Plan. It might mean that a simple majority of council could vote in favour of a rezoning of property to permit a casino, or convert a residential area to a mixed residential and industrial. I thing Staff and Council are reaching too far. Let’s not compromise our current set of checks and balances.

9.5.1 – Request For Proposal (RFP) – Public Washroom. Resolution. That Council accept the Public Washroom Design/Build proposal from Incon Construction Ltd. in the amount of $203,383.00, plus $26,439.79 for a total of $229,822.79, this being the only proposal received.

9.5.2 – Speed limit reduction in school and community safety zones. Direction. That Council direct staff to prepare a 21 day notice advising the public that an amendment to the Traffic bylaw to reduce the speed limit to 40 kph from 50 kph in School and Community Safety Zones, with an effective date of August 1, 2017, will be considered by Council on April 4, 2017; and Comments regarding this proposed by-law amendment should be directed to the Director of Public Works and received no later than 4:30 p.m. March 28, 2017.

9.5.3 – 2016 Water System Summary Report. Resolution. Whereas the Town of Parry Sound owns and operates the Parry Sound Drinking Water System (M.O.E. Designation Number 2200000585) which has been categorized as a “Large Residential” Drinking Water System, and Whereas Ontario Regulation 170-03 (as amended) under the Safe Drinking Water Act requires, according to “Schedule 22 Summary Reports for Municipalities” that all large Municipal Residential Drinking water systems have a report prepared no later than March 31st of each year addressing the items detailed in the Regulation and is given to the members of Council in the case of a drinking water system owned by a municipality; Therefore, be it resolved that Council of the Town of Parry Sound hereby acknowledges receipt of the report titled: “Town of Parry Sound Tony Agnello Water Treatment Plan, Large Municipal Residential Drinking Water System Summary Report 2016”, as prepared by Kyle Hall, Manager of Water Systems.

9.5.4 – Quotation – Western Star 7-ton truck and equipment. Resolution. That Council approve single sourcing and accept the quotation from B&I Western Star for one Western Star 4700, complete with Larochelle equipment in the amount of $179,344.00 including $13,000 for the trade-in of a 2002 Sterling L7501 and a 2006 Sterling L7501, taxes extra.


10.1.1 – Site Plan Application – 11 Ansley Street Inc. By-law 2017 – 6712. Being a By-law to grant Site Plan Approval and authorize the execution and registration of a development agreement with 11 Ansley Street Inc.

10.1.2 – Rezoning Application – Z/17/01 – 11 Ansley Street – Lifting of “h” symbol. By-law 2017 – 6713. Being a By-law to amend By-law No. 2004-4653 (The Zoning By-law) as amended to remove a holding provision (“h” symbol”) from 11 Ansley Street

10.1.3 – Consent Agreement – B/3/2016 (PS) (Friendship Centre – 13 & 21 Bowes Street). By-law 2017 – 6714. Being a By-law to authorize a Consent Agreement for the Parry Sound Friendship Centre – 13 Bowes Street and 21 Bowes Street.
This concerns parking and water drainage.

 The Way it Was – View from Tower Hill