It can be hard to search for information concerning what was covered at Town of Parry Sound council meetings using the Town’s website. Agendas and minutes are available for specific dates from the Town’s website, listed by date. There is no way to search all of the agendas or minutes in a particular year for certain topics, for example – rezoning applications.

To get around this I have compiled all of the council meeting minutes for 2016 in a single document. It’s in a standard Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format that permits simple searches. To search the document download the file here, and then use the PDF search function, typically Control F (Windows) or Command F (Mac).

It would have been nice to have also compiled the council agenda packages, but being about 20MB for each meeting it would have resulted in a file that was about 500MB, too large to easily host or quickly download. But once you find the date of the meeting where the topic of interest was discussed you can return to the Town’s meetings page and download the agenda file for that meeting to get the full package of information.

Once again, here’s the link to the compiled 2016 Town of Parry Sound Council Meeting Minutes.